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Thread: Argentine football

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    Argentine football

    please can someone explain why they seem to play 2 seperate league seasons in argentina which makes up a single season,and how do they determine the eventual champions and places,relegation etc, thanks in advance .

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    Hi Mark

    This Wikipedia link should help to answer your questions.

    I think they should just have 1 league every season like Brazil does now but in South America they like to do things differently.

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    thanks mate i now understand (sort of) but it is for sure a rediculous system !

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    The reason for the initial tournament is played in the second half of the year and the Final at the beginning of the next, is that , in 1985 and although Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, the AFA adapted to football season the northern hemisphere , with the supposed idea of ​​allowing international competition equipment during recess.
    ?The drop to the second division teams , called Primera B Nacional , is done through a system of averages. At the end of the season , the three teams with the worst ratio in the table of averages lose category , being replaced by the top three in the overall standings of the tournament second division . The ratio is obtained by dividing the points made ​​in the last three seasons for the amount of games played in the same period.
    ?During the year there are 2 champions , one of the Initial and Other Tournaments Tournament Final . Today this ever changing league since for a single year the final was played between the teams champions to see who was the champion of the year but was not considered by the teams as important that end so that I remove .

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