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Thread: Racism in Football

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    Racism in Football

    England's Black players suffered a night of shameful racist abuse during their 1-0 win in Serbia.

    The FA have already reported them to UEFA and we deserve credit for being able to complete the game under such provocation

    Our under 21 heroes were kicked all night,spat on,had objects thrown at them and suffered constant monkey chanting.

    Its time these animals were banned from international football as this is not the first time they have caused trouble.

    Any comments?

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    Cant believe the scenes at the end of this game, they need banning from internationals no fine is going to solve this problem.

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    Serbia have been charged with racist chanting but its
    Incredible to hear yesterday that UEFA have also charged England with failing to control their players!

    I think we should refuse to play in this country the next time we are drawn against them.

    Any more comments on this incident?

    Its a shame as we should really be celebrating our under 21's qualifying for the finals in Israel next year.

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    i dont know of this issue, but pleased to inform you that russia have also qualified to this u-21 euro

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    Im not quite sure what our players did wrong apart from Rose kicking the ball into the crowd, which is pretty restrained given the abuse from the stands.
    I cant believe we are being charged with anything from what ive seen footage wise, maybe something happened behind the scenes?
    Will be interesting to see what the punishments will be concerning the charges, we will probably get a 100k fine whilst Serbia pay a couple of grand and get told not to be naughty again for the 10th time.

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    It was shameful from Serbian fans and from their FA afterwards. However if we are putting our faith in the spineless organisations of FIFA and UEFA to deal with it we will be disappointed. Only a ban from competing will have any impact.

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    I'm just seeing images of this issue and i'll tell you what, some of what i have seen is absolutely disgusting.
    I didn't expect anything else from Serbia to be honest ,but players kicking England team officials ,Serbian Coaches head butting
    England Technical staff along with the racial abuse has really forced Eufa's hand now.
    In fact i blame Eufa for this type of behaviour in the first place, because if they had taken a serious stand against it years ago then we wouldn't be subjected to this. They are nothing but racist enablers as far as i am concerned ,and this has to be a turning point in this issue.
    For me financial punishment is nowhere near enough ,playing behind closed doors for a couple of games is an absolute insult. They entire country football wise should be banned for at least 5 years!

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    The silence here is deafening!

    One of the most visually disturbing scenes concerning your own team ,with both black and white England players and staff suffering physical and verbal abuse of an extreme nature and we got about a handful of responses to this thread. I find that disappointing to say the least ,not that i want or expect anyone to get behind the anti-racism campaign ,but the apathy which exists in society in general that allows this sort of thing to exist in the first place. We saw England staff getting head butted ,kicked and missiles thrown at and many have nothing to say. Incredible!

    Anyway i think the proposed boycott by black players of the anti racism campaign in the uk is ok IF they are angry about the lack of vigor in which the English FA have demanded action form Eufa or fifa in the past on the issue. If that is the case then i 100% agree with the boycott ,because it is indeed a sham. If that is not their issue then i cannot agree with it at all.

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    The boycott is concerning the John Terry case and it only looks like Roberts and the Ferdinands at the minute.
    Think its a good idea but would rather see them all do it regardless of race, the racism issue should be worrying to all not just black players.
    As for UEFA im just speechless at the response so far, also the Serbs claiming nothing wrong was done on their part is worrying given the video evidence. Will see if the big names of UEFAs respect campaign come out and have the same ideas about endorsement.
    May be wrong and they might be charging everyone until evidence is reviewed but I genuinely have no faith in this lot taking the appropriate action, we need bans not fines and im not sure UEFA has the balls.

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