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Thread: What Serie A club do you support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learning
    Both Inter and Milan are so much weakened this season especially....
    I hope Milan will make big additions this summer. The should have the money to buy quality players following the sale of Ibra, Thiago Silva and Pato. Balotelli had been a good addition though.

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    In Italy I support Fc Internazionale Milano,as the only team I'm fond of.I support it becuase my father is an Inter fan,i like Inter's jersey colours(blue and black,the colours of the night) and last but not least,i agree with the international politicy of the "Nerazzurri" history.My favourite nerazzurri footballer is Marco Materazzi,a defender,I think we know him after World Cup 2006 final in Germany,i adore him because he was a warrior in the field.

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    In Italy I support the Napoli beacuse I am a true true true Napolitan. Yesterday the Napoli team equalized with Sassuolo team. It isn't possible. This year I would that Naples team wins the nationality title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juventus
    my favourite team is Juventus...

    My favourite players are obviously Buffon , Del Piero Nedved Davids Trezeguet...

    In the present my favourites are : Vidal Marchisio Barzagli Bonucci Chiellini Pirlo

    Hey, I am a juventus fan...
    I think this year champions league is more difficoult than last year

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    Welcome to the forum Fabio.
    You must be very happy at the moment!

    Do you think AS Roma can win Serie A this season?

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    Welcome to the forum Fabio.
    You must be very happy at the moment!

    Do you think AS Roma can win Serie A this season?
    Thank you Hams, I don't know if AS Roma can win the season is still early then every game is crucial so the odds can change at any time. I hope to see play Francesco as soon as possible ,

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    Hi guys,
    I'm Rome supporter! This year i think we can fight for something thanks to new president, Pallotta and the manager Sabatini! The new directive council is going to increase not only technical skills, hiring good player, but also improving the merchandising and the fame of the team all over the word, especially in USA and Asia. As a Matter of facts they signed some contracts with multinational societies as Disney.

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    hello, my favourit team is F.c. Internazionale, and this year whit Mazzari we're ready to fight for the championship!!

    I'm sorry for the sale of the company........ i hope in Thohir

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    Welcome to the forum MourDigno

    I think Inter Milan have been playing much better this season and 2nd place could be a possibility.

    It will be interesting to see what happens now with the new Indonesian President and if he keeps his promises to the club.

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