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Thread: 2015 Rugby World Cup

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    2015 Rugby World Cup

    The draw will be taking place in London on Dec 3rd.

    Pot 1

    New Zealand
    South Africa

    Pot 2


    Pot 3


    Pot 4
    Teams still to be decided.

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    •Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, play-off winner

    •Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

    •Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

    •Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2

    Hosts England have been drawn to play against Australia and Wales in Pool A of the 2015 Rugby world cup!

    Any comments?

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    Group A

    Friday, 18 September 20:00, England v Fiji, Twickenham Stadium, London
    Sunday, 20 September 14:30, Wales v Uruguay, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    Wednesday, 23 September 16:45, Australia v Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    Saturday, 26 September 20:00, England v Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London
    Sunday, 27 September 12:00, Australia v Uruguay, Villa Park, Birmingham
    Thursday, 1 October 16:45, Wales v Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    Saturday, 3 October 20:00, England v Australia, Twickenham Stadium, London
    Tuesday, 6 October 20:00, Uruguay v Fiji, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
    Saturday, 10 October 16:45, Australia v Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London
    Saturday, 10 October 20:00, England v Uruguay, Manchester City Stadium, Manchester

    Group B

    Saturday, 19 September 16:45, South Africa v Japan, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton
    Sunday, 20 September 12:00, Samoa v United States, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton
    Wednesday, 23 September 14:30, Scotland v Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester
    Saturday, 26 September 16:45, South Africa v Samoa, Villa Park, Birmingham
    Sunday, 27 September 14:30, Scotland v United States, Elland Road, Leeds
    Saturday, 3 October 14:30, Samoa v Japan, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
    Saturday, 3 October 16:45, South Africa v Scotland, St. James' Park, Newcastle
    Wednesday, 7 October 16:45, South Africa v United States, Olympic Stadium, London
    Saturday, 10 October 14:30, Samoa v Scotland, St. James' Park, Newcastle
    Saturday, 11 October 20:00, United States v Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester

    Group C

    Saturday, 19 September 12:00, Tonga v Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester
    Sunday, 20 September 16:45, New Zealand v Argentina, Wembley Stadium, London
    Thursday, 24 September 20:00, New Zealand v Namibia, Olympic Stadium, London
    Friday, 25 September 16:45, Argentina v Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester
    Tuesday, 29 September 16:45, Tonga v Namibia, Sandy Park, Exeter
    Friday, 2 October 20:00, New Zealand v Georgia, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    Sunday, 4 October 14:30, Argentina v Tonga, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester
    Wednesday, 7 October 20:00, Namibia v Georgia, Sandy Park, Exeter
    Friday, 9 October 20:00, New Zealand v Tonga, St. James' Park, Newcastle
    Sunday, 11 October 12:00, Argentina v Namibia, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

    Group D

    Saturday, 19 September 14:30, Ireland v Canada, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    Saturday, 19 September 20:00, France v Italy, Twickenham Stadium, London
    Wednesday, 23 September 20:00, France v Romania, Olympic Stadium, London
    Saturday, 26 September 14:30, Italy v Canada, Elland Road, Leeds
    Sunday, 27 September 16:45, Ireland v Romania, Wembley Stadium, London
    Thursday, 1 October 20:00, France v Canada, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
    Sunday, 4 October 16:45, Ireland v Italy, Olympic Stadium, London
    Tuesday, 6 October 16:45, Canada v Romania, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester
    Sunday, 11 October 14:30, Italy v Romania, Sandy Park, Exeter
    Sunday, 11 October 16:45, France v Ireland, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    Only 2 teams in each group can go through to the quarter finals.
    In Group A its very hard to call who will qualify between England,Wales and Australia.
    I hope the 3 Lions make it and with home advantage at Twickenham they should just do it.

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    18th Sep

    England 35-11 Fiji

    England start the Rugby world cup with a win at Twickenham against a brave Fiji but it was a poor display.

    It wasn't until the last 10 mins that we could relax when those 2 tries went over.

    we will have to play much better than that against Wales and Australia if we want to progress out of Pool A.

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    POOL B
    South Africa 32-34 Japan

    POOL C
    Tonga 10-17 Georgia
    POOL D
    Ireland 50-7 Canada

    France 32-Italy

    What an upset in Brighton yesterday with Japan beating South Africa in one of the biggest ever world cup shocks!

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    I don;t tink most people understand how massive that win for Japan is. The ripples of this win will reverberate throughout Japanese society in a way you could never imagine. To put into perspective after the war , Japan as a country and as a people were on their knees .Totally demoralized and beaten due to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those events brought an end to the war because it was evident to the people and leadership of that country that they were deemed as a sub human life form that didn't fall under the international laws of war . How did Japan become such a super power again by the 80's ? Well what played a major part in the building up of the self esteem of the people of that country was the mafia run circus called Pro Wrestling. Japanese people on an almost national level ,were glued to their radio's for what they believed to be legitimate fights where Japanese wrestlers were defeating foreign counter parts in the ring. Of course these fights were fixed ,but they didn't know that at the time and it culminated in the growth of pride across the country. Little did they know that some of their biggest heroes were not even Japanese ,but Korean.
    This Rugby win however is not fake ,it is 100% legitimate and it's a sport of power ,speed and guile. They beat one of the best teams out there and it will have a ripple effect without question.

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    POOL A
    Wales 54-9 Uruguay

    POOL B
    Samoa 25-16 USA

    POOL C
    New Zealand 26-16 Argentina

    Argentina gave the holders New Zealand a real scare at Wembley stadium in front of a record
    crowd of 82,000 and lead at half time but the All Blacks recovered in the 2nd half and went on to win.

    POOL A
    Australia 28-13 Fiji

    POOL B
    Scotland 45-10 Japan

    Australia begin with a win but again were made to work hard by Fiji while Japan couldn't repeat
    the heroics against South Africa and ran out of steam against the Scottish who capitalized on a tired looking opposition.

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    Wednesday 23rd September 2015
    POOL D
    France 38-11 Romania

    Thursday 24th September 2015
    POOL C
    New Zealand 58-14 Namibia

    New Zealand and France now both have 2 wins each.

    On Saturday its the big one between England and Wales at Twickenham!

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    Re: 2015 Rugby World Cup

    Really enjoyable World Cup so far, I was at Twickenham for the France Italy game last weekend, great atmosphere all day with what must have been about 70,000 French people in the stadium. Watched the Japan game on the big screen outside beforehand, you'd swear France had just won the World Cup with the celebrations when Japan scored at the end, a truly great sporting moment that even people that know nothing about rugby couldn't help but be absorbed in.

    All going well for Ireland so far as well, all down to the France game as to whether we play the All Blacks or Argentina. I watched the Argentina game yesterday and they looked very impressive so they're not going to be pushovers even if we do top the group.

    Hard to know who to call favourites so far, New Zealand looking good though Argentina gave them a good test so I don't think they're unbeatable. England will have to be in contention being at home and th French always perform at the World Cup. Not sure about Ireland, we have arguably our best ever team but don't think we're quite good enough to compete with the very best for 80 minutes

    Edit: Great video here pretty much mirrors what it was like outside Twickenham when Japan scored, thousands of people genuinely delighted for a result that meant absolutely nothing to them personally, what these events are all about!

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