Having looked at a few trailers for new games, I can only make a complaint.

Trailers hardly show gameplay anymore.

When you play the game, at the start, and when you move onto the next level, or converse with an object or person, you get FILM footage of the characters doing things.

When this FILM footage is not happening, say with the new Aliens game, you have the 1st person shooter view. The view of what it's really like when you're playing the GAME.

In the case of the Aliens game again, if they advertise the GAME (1st person shooter) then all it would look like is a version of Doom, but with better graphics. So what do they do? They advertise the FILM of the game, to make it seem more impressive and something more than a copy of Doom with better graphics.

I'm sure you can view gameplay videos online, but the point of this post is to ask whether you buy a game for the FILM, what they show you, and which you will encounter 10%-15% of the time when playing, or whether you ignore the trailer they put out, and search for GAME footage, which is what you base your judgement to buy, on.

In other words, are you guilty of falling for their marketing tricks?

Here is an example....