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Thread: Defenders going backwards.

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    Defenders going backwards.

    Please help, I coach a under 12s team, we are scoring goals at one end but the defence is hell bent on going backwards, it is like they have an elastic band from our goalline. Instead of going to the attacking team they just keep going backwards and encouraging the oppostition in to our area. I have tried many things to change this. Please has anyone got any ideas. Thanks

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    Its a natural reaction for players even senior players to want to back off towards their own goal, trying to "protect " the goal, defenders also like to give themselves space in front between themselves and the oncoming attack which doubles effect.

    You have to explain that effective defenders are brave and squeeze the play by pushing up on the attack (without diving in). You also have to build their confidence parents and coaches often positively encourage players to Drop Back when the players should be pushing up, which appears risky

    A defenders job is to make the attackers job as hard as possible by closing down and making themselves difficult to go round not always making a tackle letting the attacker make a mistake and then stepping in.

    Our under 11s team is full of excellent defenders from the front to the back because they are constantly reminded to press the ball and cover each other. We also do loads on there body shape when defending. It takes time and they will make mistakes which you have to support.

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