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Thread: BioShock Infinite

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    BioShock Infinite

    Is this going to be the game of the year?

    The critics have already given it one of the best ever reviews.

    I didn't play the 1st or 2nd in the series but I'm tempted to give this a go.

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    I've watched the 15 minutes of gameplay, and must say that it looks pretty impressive.

    Starts with the guy protecting a woman. A woman who sounds nice buts has her lungs hanging out. What's not for geeks to like?

    It's a little bit sci-fi.

    Saying that, to me, it seems just like any other game that is out there with a few differences. You get some guns, you shoot some people, you win the woman back and we all live happily ever after.

    Basically, nothing to see here. Been done before. The original version of this game was called Doom. Except this has better graphics and better gameplay. Same old boring shoot em up. I wish they'd make something new.

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