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Thread: Under 9's coaching tips

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    Under 9's coaching tips

    Hi FF

    Been away for a while and recently was asked to coach manage the wigan atheltic under 9's girls. has anyone any fun drills that are suited to the age group.

    Cheers FF


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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but it doesn't seem like any options were given to the OP. I would look at something like incorporating some FUNino into your training. Basically FUNino is just different variations of 3v3 games with 4 goals. There's LOTS of variety and for the most part kids just want to play games rather than just do drills anyways.

    Aside from there there are PILES of resources. One book I've used is Keith Boanas Fun Soccer Games for 9-11 year olds ( he also has a version for 5-8 year olds as well). I believe both are available through Better Soccer Coaching. Both books are nothing but fun training games that allow the kids to use their imagination while using soccer Shark Attack (or Sharks and Minnows) player pretends to be a shark and tries to steal the ball from all the minnows. Fun for the kids, but builds soccer skills like dribbling, shielding, etc.

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