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Thread: New Club Kits - official, leaks & rumours for 2013/14

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    New Club Kits - official, leaks & rumours for 2013/14

    Hope nobody minds me starting a new thread for recent reveals & rumours for 2013/14 as they are starting to pop up...

    Stoke away:

    Aberdeen home:

    I quite like that retro looking Aberdeen kit, probably only because Adidas were starting to bore me to tears with their unoriginal churned out templates.

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    Norwich home:

    Possible City Away:

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    Liverpool Home:

    Possible away:

    Possible 3rd:

    Loving the home shirt there, inspired by the '84 classic.

    The possible away shirt - oh dear.

    Possible 3rd is just about okay in comparison to the possible away in my opinion.

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    Olympic Marseille Home, Away & Third:

    ...unusual stitched denim seam affect on the 3rd kit there

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    Possible Arsenal away leak:

    Official Newcastle Away:

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    That denim look to Marseille looks interesting! Always pushing the limit, those Frenchies.

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    New home and away kits for Barcelona next season.

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