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Thread: Game of Thrones

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Jon Snow is still dead FFS and it turns out the gorgeous Red woman is really an 80 year old looking frail witch!
    Can she still bring our hero Lord commander of the Nights Watch back from the dead?

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Lots going on in the 2nd episode!
    The evil Ramsey murdered his father Lord Bolton and that old Balon Greyjoy who rules
    the Iron Islands was pushed of a bridge to his death by one of his sons plus Jon Snow has been
    raised back from the dead by the Red Woman!

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Really disappointed in this series. The Arya story was a complete waste of time and with just ten episodes per season they wasted hours on this shit.

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Quote Originally Posted by Panja
    Really disappointed in this series. The Arya story was a complete waste of time and with just ten episodes per season they wasted hours on this ..
    I have also been disappointed with this season. Its been very slow with hardly any action.

    I am hoping that Episode 9 which is the battle for Winterfell between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton's forces will liven things up a bit!

    I have no idea what they have in store for us in the series finale, I can only guess the Iron born will arrive in Mereen and help to save the city from the Masters?

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Episode 9 was more like it with the Battle of the Barsstards!

    The Starks are now back in charge of Winterfell but only because the Knights of the Vale saved them from all being massacred at the last minute!

    The evil Ramsay Bolton is now dead also after being captured and then eaten alive by his own dogs.

    I hear that in the series finale we could see another former character come back from the dead called Lady Stoneheart in books who was once Cat Stark mother of Arya and Sansa etc

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Overall an enjoyable episode, but;
    Why didn't Sansa tell Jon that she'd asked Little Finger for help? Surely it was better to mention this instead of watching a couple of thousand men die unnecessarily?
    Why did Dany wait to unleash the dragons? And just how did the other two get out? It appeared that they could have got out any time they wanted.
    How the hell did all of those arrows miss Jon? And with Ramsey repeatedly shouting "Loose" and killing his own men in the process, would the rest of his men really obey his orders after witnessing that?
    Theon and Yara seem to be getting around quite quickly. I take it there's a Fire & Ice bullet train parked near where they live?
    How did they get Ramsey in the dungeon with the dogs when the cage doors were open?

    Still, lovely to see Ramsey get his comeuppance, even if the heavy pounding that Jon gave him would have caved his head in. Nice to see the dogs finally have their dinner.

    After the furore of the way Sansa was treated with the brutal rape, it's a nice change to see a bit of girl power..

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    I thought it was a brilliant Episode 10 to wrap up the season.

    This was called The Winds of Winter which of course is the title of
    the next book in George RR. Martin's epic series if he ever gets around to finishing it!

    So we now have a new King of the North in Jon Snow who it turns out was not the barrstrad son of Ned Stark after all
    plus Queen Cersei in Kings Landing who decided she wasn't going to attend her trial with the High Sparrow but blow them all up with that wild fire!

    Also Dany and her dragons along with her entourage and armies are finally on their way back to Westeross with it looks like new allies in High Garden and Dorne.

    It was a shame that we didn't get to see what the Night King and his army of undead walkers were up to as everybody will have to face them in the future or they will all die.

    It was good also to see Arya is back and that she managed to kill that horrible Walder Frey who was responsible for her family all being butchered at the Red wedding.
    I hope she will get back to Winterfell to see her sister Sansa although she dosen't know that he brother Rickon is dead and that Bran is still somewhere out there but is alive.

    With a bit of luck the new book will come out at least by the end of this year for Xmas and then HBO can get on with making season 7 and getting it out in April 2017.

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    Re: Game of Thrones

    Lots of hints that Snow is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen which makes him the legitimate
    heir to the throne . Just one complaint from the last episode ..Why didn't Rickon at least Incorporate
    a weave in his run from the sinister ones arrows

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    I'm guessing Petyr Baelish will report to Cersei that the Stark claimed the North through Jon Snow, and also Sansa wouldn't trust this man either way they will use each other to protect their interest.

    I wonder what the Lannisters reaction once Tyrion arrived with danny

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    Winter has arrived!

    Series 7 of GoT finally started on Mon night
    with Arya in disguise as Walder poisoning all the Freys at the Twins!

    We also had a cameo appearance from Ed Sheeran as a singing Lannister soldier!

    Danny finally arrived at Dragonstone with her dragons,ships and armies.

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