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Thread: Xbox One v PS4

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    Xbox One v PS4

    So the new consoles have been revealed for the Xbox One and PS4.

    Which one do you think you'll play in the future?

    In the UK The Xbox One will cost us £429 and the PS4 slightly cheaper at £349 with both coming out in November.

    The Microsoft console seems to be an all in one machine to enable you to watch live TV,films,music and video calling
    however the down side is that you wont be able to play pre owned games any longer and will need a constant internet connection.

    It looks like the PS4 is a machine for more serious gamers and it appears it will be more popular amongst ordinary video games fans.

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    Microsoft has done a massive u turn and it will now no longer be
    necessary to be connected to the internet to play the Xbox One and you
    will still be able to Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today.

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    They listen!

    I've been told I must get an XBox One as only real men get an XBox. PS3 is for girls.

    I like the reasoning, but I haven't made my choice yet, and I will choose.

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    There should still be plenty of life left yet in the Xbox360 so I won't be buying a new console until those prices come down.

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    I'm going with PS4. It's offers greater variety in it's exclusives, strong connectivity with Vita (yes I'm one of the 3 people who bought one) and regardless of how Microsoft sucks up to EA Fifa will invariably have more EU gamers on the Sony console.

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    Re: Xbox One v PS4

    The Playstation brand for me has always done it. I just have liked the look of it and I feel their marketing has always been aimed at gamers. The Xbox has always been a family package for me. Okay the 360 wasn't a bad gaming console, but its just what the brand Playstation carries.

    But yep, no denying the PS4 is the one to get this time round. A new white version is being released in September too. Worth having a look at ,

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    Re: Xbox One v PS4

    I did have an Xbox One and it was fine and dandy, but it took like 30 minutes to install a game before I could play it. Maybe I'm exaggerating.

    Surely with something so advanced they could put the disc in and it plays like on the previous versions.

    Does PS4 have this problem too?

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    Re: Xbox One v PS4

    Amazing graphics though and Fifa 15 demo played like a dream. Much better close control than the previous version.

    Good interface though.

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    Re: Xbox One v PS4

    Just got a PS4. Plenty of people have warned me off the Xbox. The bundle that includes FIFA 16 also helped sway me!.

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