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Thread: Athletics - World Championships

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    The backlash Gatlin has got winning that 100 final has been somewhat understandable 1) because he's a two time cheat and 2) because everyone wanted that fairy tail ending for Bolt. Personally i detest the bloke for reason #1 above and 2) because his personality just grates on me. I initially was one of them absolutely gutted he won that final and not Coleman ,but then i heard how rigorous today's testing is and has been for a few years leading up to this competition and my stance has softened a bit. My ire came for me not knowing if he was indeed clean today and the uncertainty surrounding him.But i have learnt that that chances of him being dirty are slim to none. When you think about that then what he has done at his age is quite astonishing to be fair. However the taste of him being caught twice cheating never leaves my mouth. I have no sympathy for him now ,because he has brought it upon himself ,but the absolute hypocrisy in the media around him puts them in the same bed ethically as Gatlin himself . he is NOT the only athlete out there that has served a ban for cheating ,yet the other are cheered still .yes that is down to Bolt's popularity but it should serve as a wake up call for anyone including the media of the shortcomings of modern day society and how blatant they are.

    On another note ,nothing quite gets me as emotional as sport and seeing someone dig deep and pull out the unthinkable .
    shed a tear for that British bloke in the 400 m semi fina,l grabbing that qualification for the final from the depths of hell.

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    What's he on about now?

    What cheat has ever been cheered in athletics in the Media?


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    I think the booing of Justin Gatlin by the crowd at the London stadium was justified.

    He should never have been there in the first place anyway having been caught cheating twice.

    It has been a bad event for Jamaica what with Usain Bolt and Emma Ferguson losing 100 meters finals!

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    I still think that South Africa's Caster Semenya is a man
    and shouldn't be allowed to run in womens races and its totally unfair.

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