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Thread: Peaky Blinders

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    Re: Peaky Blinders

    The 3rd series of the Peaky Blinders was the best yet and had a brilliant twist at the end which i want mention so as not to spoil it for anybody.
    Good news is that it will be back next year.
    My favourite character was the Jewish Jewler brilliantly played by Tom Hardy.

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    Just finished watching this and although the plaudits will go to Murphy and Hardy
    I personally thought Paddy Considine's portrayal of the Catholic priest was especially
    sinister and his best performance since Dead Mans Shoes.

    My favourite character was Arthur whose constant battle between promiscuity and
    the spiritual badgering of his wife to turn the other cheek in order to gain a form
    of deliverance was a key component to the basic structure of the series, I mean
    how could Tommy allow his older brother to leave the family business to supposedly
    spread the word of the Lord to the natives ?

    It was never going to happen, I personally thought he would kill Polly and Arthur's
    wife rather than turn midnight and hand over his entire clan !

    The fourth series will be more than interesting, but I'm not entirely sure it was wise
    of the writers severing both legs before giving it a chance to hop.

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