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Thread: The Walking Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Kroenke's moustache
    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings
    The Walking Dead has gone a bit flat for me. I'll keep watching because I've watched it from the beginning, but it's truly fizzed out and seems to be searching for new ideas....

    Reminds me of how Prison Break ended up being...

    Shame, had/has the potential to be big.
    Agreed. This series has followed the last few for me; starts and ends really strong to keep you watching, with a so-so middle.
    I been saying this for 3 season. Some of the script is just a piss take in the fullest sense!
    But watching it from the start you are almost tied to the flipping thing now.
    I just find myself on my laptop more and more drink that show .
    The last episode of this series seemed to pick up a little with more of the focus being people against people rather than people v zombies. I think there is a lot more room for writing good script now ,because you can always throw a zombie slashing scene in there for good measure at any point. But they need a new writer for this series without question,the lengthy person to person scenes makes me want to puke.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    New series starts on 12th of October in the USA and on 13th October in UK.
    Cant wait to see whats going to happen in this terminus location.! Im sure they are being held captive by a gang of cannibals who eat human flesh!

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    What a start to series 5 of the Walking Dead! Those canibals at terminus deserved to die such horrible deaths.
    Who was that Black guy at the end that was following them after they escaped and just where are the survivors going to go to next?

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Cant believe what happened to Bob at the end of episode 2! Those cannibals really are a bunch of sick mothers and i hope Rick and the others get revenge.
    This priest also seems to be hiding something, what it is though i dont know but i dont trust him!

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    We have now reached the mid way point of The Walking Dead and it ended with the sad death of one of our favourites Beth.

    I really thought that they had managed to get her and Carol out of that hospital but it all went wrong at the end.

    I have been enjoying this current season as they have mostly been running around Atlanta city and not been holed up in some prison or farm.
    The show takes a break now until February.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Have just heard that there is going to be a walking dead spin off series set in LA which is
    great news as would be good to see whats going on in the Zombie infested world other than in or around Atlanta city and its countryside!

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead returns on Monday for the 2nd half of this series. Its going to be interesting to see what they decide to do next! Where will they go now?

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    I cant believe that we lost another favourite member of the group last night with Tyrese being bitten by one of the walkers when he went with Bob to check out his old house.
    The gang have decided now to go to Washington so lets see if they have some better luck there and can find some other normal human beings!

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    I am so glad this bloke got bit ,that they prolonged his death for so long with all that meaningless dialogue before was even more painful to tis viewer,and not in a way i am sure the director expected. The script is absolutely diabolical in this show and it makes it so difficult to watch .

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    So Rick and the gang have decided to stay after all then in this new place called Alexandria where they can live in safety from the walkers but
    something just doesn't feel right and it looks all too perfect to be true but I guess after the horrors of Terminus and the death of 2 of their group
    they have just had enough of being on the run. I have a feeling they are being watched and this all part of some sort of government experiment?

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