Hi guys I recently started playing football mostly indoor or outdoor but not on grass (with materials like those on Basketball pitches and tennis pitches), because the place I live don't have a lot pitches to play on (Bloody Hong Kong). I'm just using shitting leather shoes but I want to buy a new pair of legit boots as I'm serious about playing football.

I mostly play wide as RM or RB (looking forward to play more central role in the future), I love to cross and cut in to shoot, but tackle opponents a lot also, so I need your help!!

I have quite a wide foot (10.7cm) and so I'm looking for comfy and durable shoes too, and mostly probably Nike or Adidas! The Nike Mercurial boots look very tempting but I'm not sure... What about Adidas predators and the F50s? Or Nike CTR360?

Any comments are appreciated! Thank you!