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Thread: New forum home

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    New forum home

    Hi All

    I'm pleased to announce that we will be moving to a new forum either on Friday or Monday.

    While this is taking place our site may be down for a couple of hours or so.

    When our new board goes live you will see a lot of new changes which i hope that you approve of.

    Our site is to have a brand new look plus we will also now be powered by the latest software available.

    So there are exciting times ahead and we can now look forward to the World cup in Brazil at a brand new home.


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    Hi Guys

    We will soon be ready to move to our new forum home at some point tomorrow.

    Sorry that our board has been closed since Monday but there has been a lot of work going on.

    Im sure you will all be impressed with our new site when it goes live.

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    Re: New forum home

    I'm impressed. Nice one.


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    Re: New forum home

    Blimey - I go away for a few days come back and everything has changed!.

    Nice decorations and glad to see the post sub-titles gone - always seemed a bit pointless.

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    Re: New forum home

    Thanks for the positive feedback Pokers and Seamus.

    There is still a lot of work to be done but I'm told by IT that things are moving along nicely.

    The board will probably be down for a while again on Wednesday so that we can be re conected with the main site.

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    Re: New forum home

    Very sexy.

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    Re: New forum home

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza-LFC
    Very sexy.
    thanks Gaz.

    what do you think about the new look forum?
    I don't care about the forum,i only care about you as always.

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    Re: New forum home

    This one or the Liverpool v West Ham one?

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    Re: New forum home

    I don't get a message saying I have unread private message, anymore. This makes me very happy.

    Cool Blue, to make up for the lack of City fans. Nice skills webgeeks.

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    Re: New forum home

    Is this the finished product then? Certainly an improvement but quite bland and 'default' looking and as mentioned it's still horrible to navigate on mobile.

    Another niggle is that it's harder to tell the difference between read and unread posts, before new posts were highlighted in red but now the only difference I see is the little icon on the left changing. Also hard to tell stickys apart from normal posts

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