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Thread: New forum home

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    Re: New forum home

    Smilies are back! Lovely! Baby steps.

    At least it's not going back to 2008 again

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    Re: New forum home

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    at this rate a breakaway forum will be formed again


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    Re: New forum home

    West Ham will win the PL this season.


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    Re: New forum home

    I'm liking the new design.

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    Re: New forum home

    Evening Gents.

    Just an update on what has happened so far...

    It looks as though users have been unable to register for the forum for some time due to the CAPTCHA not working. Unfortunately, this would also stop some members signing in (myself included) should they enter their details incorrectly more than twice - as this forces the CAPTCHA to kick in.

    I reported this last night, along with the various errors that you may have seen above posts when reading threads around the forum.

    I'm guessing our admin guru has been busy all day updating the code, upgrading to v3.1 of phpbb which should have resolved a majority of the issues seen.

    May need to go back to basics using the Support forum to report any bugs/issues you come across. I believe there is an issue with the email functionality at the moment also - therefore if you forget your password and use the option within the forum to reset - the mail with new password doesn't actually reach you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience so far.

    Hopefully these changes will improve the user experience going forwards.

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