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Thread: NFL 2014

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    Re: NFL 2014

    It's all entertaining to me. I thought Bruno Mars did really well when he was up there. Katy Perry should be pretty entertaining as well.

    I got my wings ready, made some pico de gallo for my chips, and 6PM can't come soon enough!

    I'm going to go...

    33 - 19 to the Seahawks.

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    Re: NFL 2014

    What a game. Idiotic play calling at the end there.

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    Re: NFL 2014

    What was the final score then and did the best team win?

    Also how was the half time entertainement and did any boobs pop out like with Janet Jackson a few years ago?

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    Re: NFL 2014

    New England Patriots 28 - 24 Seattle Seahawks .

    Although im disappointed with the result it was great entertainment. Its usually the way with Superbowls that you get a tight game that goes to the wire or you get a complete whitewash followed by a futile 4th quarter comeback. It was pretty even and each scoring drive for the Seahawks involved an impressive long pass. Id say they shaded it but you have to give credit to the Pats for that stunning comeback after being 10 points down, I could see it coming though. The last minute was pure madness with the incomplete pass bouncing up off the player and into his hands!. Awful last call - 2nd and goal with 5 to go, your rushing game is paying off - don't pass it!.

    Sadly no nipple slip from Katy but it was a good half-time show - not sure what it sounded like though, I had it on mute!.

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