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Thread: Lets fight the Islamic State

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post

    make your mind up ffs! we either should pull out or we should continue to intervene. you're tying yourself up in knots.

    all this to make it less likely that you will be blown up. marvellous stuff.
    Not at all .
    Pulling out is an absolute necessity ,but to think that is all it will take to solve the issue of conflict between us and then you are mistaken.
    We will have to try and return those places where we have interfered back to where they were before we entered there.
    That shod, be our duty without question . We can do that form our shores ,we don't have to be there .
    But the one thing i will not accept is for the west to go into a country cause mayhem ,get found out and have them just hold their hand s up and say "oh, our mistake" and just quietly back out and leave the mess they made. You know why ,because as long as the conflict and pain rages on that e caused we will still be breeding resentment and people who wish to get revenge.

    and yet 20% of Israeli residents are Arabs, with 17.5% of Israeli residents identifying as muslims.

    how many jews/Israelis do you think live in muslim states (you can choose any one you wish)?

    now tell me which of the states are more accommodating, progressive and accepting of others?
    Mate , you are taking the p!ss ain't you?
    "Accommodating". They are not even supposed to be in most of that land ffs! At least 50% of what they now claim to be Israeli is illegal settlements . So yes they progressive in their stealing of land accommodating and accepting is bit of stretch and quite galling if you are a Palestinian to be frank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    I would prefer to be a muslim in Israel than a Jew in any muslim state.

    how about you?
    Damn right at this point in time ,but i would bet fully understanding of the reason why.

    You seem to conveniently forget that Muslims allowed them to settle there in the first place. It wasn't until they started taking the f@cking p!ss the climate changed .
    Not only that i think in that region there were a few religions living peacefully without segregation.

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    6 Middle East countries have cut ties with Qatar
    accusing them of sponsoring terrorism including ISIS.

    This could end their hopes of hosting the 2022 world cup.
    FIFA have so far refused to comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    You're wrong.

    Jews were being massacred in the region before Israel existed or was even considered.
    Noted ,but my point was strictly about a clash of faiths being the reason for any conflict ?
    Arabs viewed jews as cousins at that point in time so why they oddly all of sudden attack them because they were jewish makes no sense .
    Now an argument over land is another thing Arab's or Palestinians believing the land belongs to no one and jews believing otherwise because Abraham (Ibrahim in islam ,the same bloke) bought a plot of land for his family to be buried. Jews so the land as theirs but Muslims see it as no ones land.

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    I never quote wikipedia myself. Anyone can edit that thing.
    But i could have read something that was a minority opinion or you could have read something that was a minority opinion. I have heard in some debates and read that most people who lived there before the partition said the land was no ones land . without question i don't doubt that there are some Muslims that claim it as there land ,but in comparison to the Jewish who almost uniformly claim it as there's i don't think it has much relevance.
    If there was conflict before the partition agreement it certainly didn't deter either the US or UK to set forth the 1948 agreement ,unless the knowing conflicts to come was part of their excuse to invade that region down the road?
    But reading another article the the "right" of Jewish people to have a jewish state in that region is a fabrication made up by themselves . And the UN doesn't even recognize such a claim . I didn't realize that there are currently 30 laws written up by the Jews that are both racist and discriminatory and in the agreement written in 1948 it clearly states that should not be the case as well as the confiscation of Palestinian land . So if there is conflict in that region the cause lies solely in the hands of Jewish folk who after importing 400,000 to that region initially ,thumbs their nose almost immediately (month later) by importuning another 350,000. The aim being to make the region a Jewish majority going completely against the agreement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    what are the 30 laws?

    I won't include all of them but here's a few just to get you started .......

    it never ceases to amaze me the contrast in the amount of time you'll spend looking up Israel's failings against the amount of research on the other side.
    that's because no one else is bringing balance to the debate here.
    lovely. Corbyn's friends, you know. those are the people you defend.

    Inner conflict so what? That happens everywhere ,should have nothing to do with me or anyone else ,but i can bet you it has a lot to do with the European establishment's meddling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    the only law within those links is one about spouses. that's entirely up to them who they let in the country. as I say, Israeli citizens are not free to travel to many countries. I presume you'll take this opportunity to condemn that?

    look at how you just brush off the crimes against humanity in Palestine as 'inner conflict'. I'm done on this subject, utter waste of time.
    I don't just brush it off , i am being consistent in my criticism off RACE based conflict and exploitation .
    In a perfect world i would support any intervention where innocent civilians are in peril ,but the west has not earned the trust of any nation that holds people of colour due to their record right up until this day. I think you should at least understand that much?

    Which countries can jewish people not move freely in the western world ?
    Of course i understand it being the case in the middle east ,as there is an ongoing conflict involving them and stealing land from and murdering them at 500/1 clip.
    Any person with an ounce of sense can look at that and understand it at this point in time . I hope that will change ,but that will mean Isreali's at least halting their continuous illegal occupation of land that they have no right to.

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    ISIS have blown up the Mosque in Mosul,Iraq where their
    so called leader Baghdadi declared his Islamic Caliphate back in 2014.

    The fanatic is said to have been killed recently by Russian bombers.

    Meanwhile over in Syria President Assad's forces have ISIS and the Jihadists
    on the run all over the country with government troops advancing in the East.

    Reports also in that an IS terrorist was killed by a sniper rifle from 2 miles
    away which could be a new world record.

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    Fantastic news today that the Iraqi army have liberated Mosul from the rule of ISIS.

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