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Thread: Songs you detest

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    Songs you detest

    Listening to Radio 2 in the office yesterday and I found myself saying 'I really hate this song' an awful lot. I realised that it wasn't a bad selection they were playing - I just hate a lot of stuff!. Here are the worst offenders to my ears.

    Where do you go to my lovely - Peter Sarstedt.

    The fact that its written about some posh bird is a bad start but those French phrases he throws in really get me. Like he's saying 'look at me I can speak French, aren't I classy?!' Just sing in French or English, don't mix it up trying to sound sophisticated. The line that really annoys me is the little laugh at the racehouse she has been given for Christmas 'You keep it just for a laugh, a ha ha ha' that horrible little laugh that only posh people do when you are not sure if they mean it or are being sarcastic.

    Parklife - Blur

    I remember being in college when the Britpop scene started up. I must have missed the memo when a cockney bloke talking about having a cuppa tea and feeding the ducks while some other twats jumping up and down in the background and shouting 'parklife' became cool. Stupid, pointless song - whats is so great about it?.

    Lets get ready to Rhumble - PJ and Duncan

    I was President of the PJ and Duncan hate club in college ( I was doing a Media Studies course and ad a lot of free time!). We started out as 5 memebers and when I left College 18 months later we had a member ship of well over 100!. Them trying to rap is painful enough but the lyrics are really tragic. I don't really mind Ant and Dec now they have grown up and they are quite humourous.................sometimes!. I know there was that brief revival last year but that wasn't so bad as 1.It was for charity so for once the song was being used for good instead of evil, 2. People were not buying the song because they liked it - they were 'being nostalgiac'! and 3. It might have just kick started a 90's revival which is badly needed after this tragic 80's shite!.

    PE 2000 - P Diddy (or whatever he is called these days)

    Not content with commemorating one of the greatest MCs of all time with an 80's pop cover, he then takes a true old school classic and turns it into a pathetic pop, RnB bullshit track. He should be shot several times in the nuts for this.

    No way, No way - Vanilla

    If you have not had the pleasure, Youtube it. It really does bring a new dimension to the phrase 'Not any good really'

    Anything by Pet Shop Boys

    Everything they have released sounds like it was recorded in 1986

    ..........and Status Quo

    Grey ponytailed grandad rock - awful.

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    Re: Songs you detest

    At this moment in time i detest that Robin Thicke hit Blurred Lines that was big last year and refuse to dance if it comes on in a club.

    Another kind of dance track that i really hate is that awful American trash LMFAO and there stupid party rock and sexy and i know it tracks. Arrrggghhhh!

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    Re: Songs you detest

    Forgot about :-

    The Streets - Dry your eyes mate

    This is a good contender for the worst song made by anyone ever in the history of the universe - that's me being fair as well. Why anyone thought that some guy moaning about being dumped to the noise of Simon Bates Our Tune would be a winner I don't know. The mans voice is just so boring its no wonder his girlfriend gave him the elbow. The words don't even rhyme! - its not much to ask for, its pretty much all you want from a song.

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    Re: Songs you detest

    I'm in the minority in this country on this opinion, but most anything released by Beyoncé I find offensive to my ears. There are a few that I don't mind. Others that I like; but a vast majority of what she releases just sound annoying to me and I don't quite understand the appeal.

    Though I quite like No Doubt, and respect Gwen Stefani a lot as an artist, I have a physical reaction to hearing anything she released as a solo artist. I also like and respect Pharell Williams, particularly his work on N.E.R.D., but the songs he produces for various artists all sound pretty much the same, and with the amount of work he has out now, not that top 40 radio was bad enough, now it's just homogenous and has little inspiration.

    The Black Eyed Peas also are up there... "My Humps" in particular is bad.

    "Started from the Bottom," by Drake, "Crank That," by Soulja Boy, many of the things Creed and Nickelback push out as well as artists like Avril Lavign have rub me the wrong way.

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