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Thread: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

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    Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    On April 7th Forum.Football.Co.Uk will be celebrating its 10th birthday so to mark this special occassion
    i have decided to create this thread so we can fondly look back at the old times and remember former members of the past decade.

    The board was first started by a poster called The General who ran things for a couple of years and got the site going but he
    then left and his position was taken over by O Dogg for several years until i decided to step into his shoes and take over as admin.

    When the site started back in 2005 Jose Mourinho had just taken over at Chelsea and Liverpool would go on to win the CL against Milan!
    Are there any favourite posts or topics that posters will always remember? Also what have been the most embarrassing predictions of last 10 years?

    What were you doing when you first registered to join up? How was your team doing at the time? Have they improved since or are they still hopeless?!

    If you havent posted on the forum for some time now but used to be a regular please do stop by and re introduce yourself and do also spread the
    word with any others you might still be in contact with on Facebook etc that were having a bit of a re union and it would be great to see you back.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    I joined in 2011, not so long ago but a lot has changed since then! In 2011/12 Tottenham finished the league in 4th place with Harry Redknapp as manager, we had players like Bale, Modric, and Van der Vaart in the team, though Bale was still a player of 'potential' talent rather than actual at that stage. Harry Kane was on loan to Millwall, and Andros Townsend was on loan to Birmingham as young pups learning their trade. Highlights of the season was a 2-1 defeat of Arsenal at home, a 4-0 demolition of Liverpool at home and finishing in a CL spot (even if the Gooners leap frogged us to get third). The low points were getting dumped out of the FA cup by Chelsea (5-1, ouch) and that defeat by Arsenal at the Emirates where we raced to a 0-2 lead, only to run off after 90 minutes as 5-2 losers.

    I enjoyed a Med Cruise with the family in 2011, taking in places like Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Vigo and Madeira - a cruise where Spurs legend Alan Mullery done some after dinner speaking, happy days! I was working in a job involving long hours and a lot of pressure, I'm pleased to say I've moved on from there and enjoy a better job with more leisure time these days.

    When I first joined there was this bloke called Specnur who went on about how great Arsene Wenger is all the time, and another called Steely Hill who went on about how great the Queen is. Some things never change! My favourite thread on the forum is the 'Arsene Wenger Thread', because when it is active, it usually means Arsenal are struggling. I enjoyed the heated debates between Specs and Pokerings on there, great fun. Steely's "Louis Suarez Flat Track Bully?" thread deserves mention for the one that surely went against the flow more than any other. I've always liked the match day discussion (Premier League, sorry lower leagues I rarely take much interest, I'll try harder in future), and the predictions league is a great game anyone can join in (anytime in the season, so if you're new and you're reading this it's not too late to have a go). The forum is a great place to discuss the game we all love, and topics as diverse as beer, women, politics and philosophy under general discussion. I'm sure we'll still be going strong in another ten years.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    10 years ago my life was completely different. I didn't have any kids and my bank account was full of disposable income, which quite frankly was all pissed away on needless stuff. My wife and I took European weekend breaks, when kids came around it all changed!. 2005 was the year that I got broadband connection in my house, before that the only way got onto the internet was at the local library or bypassing the BT firewall at work. I was 4 years into my employment at BT and I moved from Quality Control to Contract Development, it was a promotion but with the benefit of hindsight and with a bit more wisdom I have realised that a step up is not always a step in the right direction. I was a infrequent poster to the forum - the website for the trashy Sky1 drama Dream Team. The website still exists now but purely as an archived site.

    Ross County were still playing back the old First Division back then!. We went through 4 managers that year, first Alex Smith, who got fired on the same day that he was awarded a CBE - talk about a mixed day at work!. Then we had John Robertson who was doing a fantastic job but then we hit a financial crisis and he was told to offload players but keep us in the top 3 - unsurprisingly he left, his assistant Donald Park took over for one game but then followed Robertson out the door. Them he had the youth team manager Gardner Spiers who did us a good job of keeping us on Division 1. They refused to re-new his contract and the next season Scott Leitch, an untested new manager led us into relegation for the first time in our history .

    Manchester United were also in the doldrums back then. We were undergoing serious rebuilding and we followed up our 3rd place finish in the premier league with an F A Cup final defeat to Arsenal. We should have won, we were the better team but we couldn't put the ball in the net. That was the story of our season really. People were saying that we were a spent force and that our period of domination was over. Chelsea were the richest kids on the block and everyone thought they would be the new superteam - remember Peter Kenyons '10 years of Chelsea dominance' claim?!. It was great to see us hit the big time again and show those so called experts that they don't know what they are talking about! - Lets hope we do it again soon!.

    I have only been around on the forum for under 2 years - I think being made a Mod within 4 months must be some sort of record - Hams must know quality posting when he sees it! . The topic that I remember the most is the debate Steely and myself had about the Royal Family - that went on for some time!. As for my worst prediction - probably when I predicted Moyes to win the title with United last season

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Like everyone else my life has changed a lot, I was still at school in a remote corner of north-western Ireland 10 years ago and at that age where youíre expected to make a decision on what to do with your life. I decided to go to college and for the next 4 years I toiled away and got myself an engineering degree. After a couple of years of brief jobs and false starts Iíve ended up in London working for a major engineering company so I suppose Iíve done all right. Long hours, a lot of responsibility and driving up to 900 miles per week mean Iíll likely look for a change some time soon though.

    Football-wise, I was still an avid Man Utd supporter back in í05 though with all the players I grew up watching slowly dwindling away my interest mellowed to the point that I became quite indifferent to Utdís results.

    In Ireland, Finn Harps were in probably our most eventful period in recent history with relegation or promotion almost every season. We were relegated from the Premier Division followed by losing two playoff finals in a row and finally winning promotion again the following season. Relegation again in our first season back in the top flight before promotion again and relegation the following season (confused yet?). Combined with a couple of good cup runs, going professional and having the go ahead for a new stadium, there was never a dull moment. Unfortunately weíre currently in mid table obscurity in the first division with the club seemingly going nowhere...

    As for the forum, well Iíve been here since the very start so Iíve seen all the ups and downs. As I said on some other thread, I was asked to join here as a mod by rossathan who I think was a mate of The Generalís. Along with ross, jamesp, shaggy, mars and a few others we got the place up and running and it soon took off. It was probably at its peak from 06-10 and since then activity has slowly declined but its still a place I visit more days than not and hopefully it'll still be going strong in another 10 years

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Well I only joined last year but I think this place has got tremendous potential, there are some great posters on here

    Back in April 2005 when the forum started Brentford were managed by Martin '' Mad Dog'' Allen and about to narrowly miss promotion for the second season running after which Allen left along with many of his players and sadly Brentford went on a downward slope

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    I think I joined in 2006 but my initial username was the infamous rrrrRonaldinho - when he was in his pomp. I had a brief stint as Top Of The League and now as Tipster. I do love my Tipster username and pic, but wish I kept both other usernames. I think I couldn't sign in on my profile twice - which is why I changed it twice.

    I love this forum as we have every topic covered and also have the best people ever. It's all about serious debate with some mickey taking too - but all in jest. I have been on one or two other sites and the people are not as good, so I'm glad this place is policed properly.

    I have handed in my request to become as moderator one day as it'd be great to have a title on this great forum and also be able to help the site out in a part-time way, though reading and posting much more in the coming future.

    One thing that I don't like is the awards at the end of the year. We could have some more creative awards that I suggested, but the awards go to people who are on the forum all the time and I feel this doesn't celebrate the members who are not here much.

    Big thanks to the guy who started this forum and also Hams for keeping this place ticking.

    Notable mention to Steely: the legend, for being the face (and hopefully more than his one stint on sky news) and voice of this forum.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    My favourite moment on this forum is (Pokerkings?) the WENGER OUT radio phone in. Just quality!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Thanks guys for all the posts on this topic so far to celebrate 10 years of the forum! If you havent contributed yet please do take a moment to join in.

    Its amazing to think that there are some posters about still like Tipster and Conaldinho who are still on here when our board started all that time ago!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!


    I wish I had more time to post.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Thanks Arthur!
    Can you tell us a little bit of information to other members who might not have seen you on the forum before.
    Where do you come from in Brazil?
    When did you join us and how long have you been a fan of Sao Paulo? What have been your best moments or worst as a supporter?

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