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Thread: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Can i take this moment to wish Forum.Football.Co.Uk a happy 10th anniversary!

    Its incredible to think that we have been around now for over a decade and are still up and running.

    Thanks to all the past and current members who have made it possible with your contributions to the site.

    We may only have a small community now compared with our glorious times back in the day but i personally prefer it this way.

    If any old posters read this topic why not stop by and say hello as you'd be very welcome and would be great to hear from you.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    we need more women .....well any women ...

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Congratulations to everyone who have made this forum is now.

    I registered somewhere in spring 2008 and started with the Prediction League which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to stop this in 2012 and haven't posted much since than.

    The forum has really improved throughout the years and will be confident it will in the upcoming years.

    Keep the good job up!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    good to see you Rin - a true legend of the forum in my opinion!

    hope things are all good with you mate.
    Thanks Mr. Hill. I see you have made it to the Admin Section of the forum!

    I'm doing well at the moment, busy with work etc. but hoping to come back a bit more in the forum from now on.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    I smell corruption.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Great to see this place is still going strong, and some of the old names & faces from back in the day plus the new generation - a good mix.
    That was the best thing about the forum, the mix - where else would you get Northeners, Southeners, Lads, Lasses, Protestant, Catholics, Right Wing, Left Wing, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Australians, Israeli's on one site chatting all things football, politics, day to day weather & big bloody brother. It's a shame the numbers have whittled down such is life, but I am sure people dip in & out as and when they can.
    The faces on here made me laugh & cry (with laughter) and I really enjoyed the small but significant connections made - people like J-Axe (or was it Ridian from X Factor) knew his stuff alright, even if he is homeless now. Floody (is he STILL doing his exams) & Dave, 2 peas in a pod like Mel & Kim. Tottenham's greatest youth graduate face of the forum Steely, Pokerman Jamie Theakston, Lady's man Mrtz, Jono and his man love for Berbatov, Millsy & his Christmas tree, Forev and the shoe on head for Becks THFC. Specnur and his thorough discussions and appreciation of Sir Mabbutt of Gary. The girls gave as good as they got, Becks, Rach RVP (minus the RVP bit post defection) and her chocolate cakes, & Hot Legs Holly who was a fellow 24 appreciator and Nicky.....who could not forget the best looking thread and the all out war that followed. Gaz LFC was a top man too, and the mighty magnificent Tez Arne, Tom NUFC, Rrrrrrrronaldinho, Boris from Down Under.....Twmcat rest in peace, Flipper & the texting on the beach, Connor 99 (has he been jailed yet ) & Conn our Finns Harps die hard. The ginger rocket G-man, Blue nose, the leader of the pack when I joined O Dogg - looks like Hamstar is doing a sterling job since taking over. Chopper and his not so PC humour, Bubble Blower, Sticky Tissue, Monty Magpie, or was it Tinkerbell, if I had the time I would love to dig up some old threads and there are so many more names not even mentioned.
    Oh but can't not mention, of course, one word: Arsenalboy. What. A. legend.

    Thank you forum and Happy Anniversary!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    top post, and great memories!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Has Forev's aversion to butterflies been mentioned?

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Couldn't be more happier! this website is just one of a kind letting you to become a part of community where football enthusiasts shares their own opinions which helps me in writing articles.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hams
    Thanks Arthur for the post.
    I forgot to ask you if the people of Brazil had recovered now from being thrashed 7-1 by Germany in the WC semi final last year?
    Dude, sorry for taking so long.
    that semi final will never be forgot. Most of the players will never be forgiven.
    Almost every day the journalists talk about that game, the reasons and what we should do to avoid new disasters like that one.

    For the last 5, 6 years the number of people who don't care about "Seleção" has grown.
    The young players only care about their instagram and making money. They have no commitment. F*ckers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hams
    Also while I'm here as I do follow the Brazilian league how is it possible that the city of Belo Horizonte is now the
    best at football in the country with their teams Atletico Minero and Cruziero being the national champions in the last 3 years or so?
    I always thought that the clubs from Rio and Sao Paulo were the very best but things have really changed with this shift in power!
    Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro are doing a great job. They are betting in the right players, buying with caution...basically they're doing what everybody else should be doing.

    The clubs from Rio are all broke.

    Clubs from São Paulo are following the same path.

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