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Thread: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrtz
    Took some nudging on Twitter and some assurances that a certain Charlton fan isn't invited to the party, but here he is!
    Oh, DA. How we miss him.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!


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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by BMJ
    Greetings BMJ!
    How are you doing?
    Are you also still a Man Utd fan?!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by BMJ

    another one! good to see you mate

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Defiantly had some great moments on this forum and been lucky enough to catch to some great characters.

    I opened up my account looking for a debate on whether Celtic and Rangers should play in the premier league and this was the very first forum I found discussing it.

    Since that time i've had some great debates with all different kinds of people.

    I know when I first started I was a bit of a numpty thinking it doesn't matter what I say, it's just on the internet. Then It becomes a bit more than that as you get older and technology and social media grows as a more of a normal thing.

    Some of the best people I've met on here has to be Steely Hill and Hams, then you have Joey8 and J-Axe and Chopper, Martz, Millsy. O'Dogg, Darren Addict (What?) Specner (tool) Fakeplastictrees... Big Jono, Conner, Conaldinho, Kim...something.... Tipster, and Stan....Zinc... and others I can't be bothered to remember...

    I'm going to try and pop up a bit more and get stuck in if life doesn't get more in the way.

    Other than that, I have to say, since 2008, the only other thing that's changed in me is that I've become ever so slightly better looking. It's not been easy though I assure you.

    Trying to think of other memorable moments?...... can't think of any right now, but if I do, I'll just copy and paste it from somewhere....

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    nice one pokers, hope you can get back on here more often to inject a bit of humour.

    SKILL FACTOR 5!!!!!!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Can i take this moment to wish Forum.Football.Co.Uk a happy 10th anniversary!

    Its incredible to think that we have been around now for over a decade and are still up and running.

    Thanks to all the past and current members who have made it possible with your contributions to the site.

    We may only have a small community now compared with our glorious times back in the day but i personally prefer it this way.

    If any old posters read this topic why not stop by and say hello as you'd be very welcome and would be great to hear from you.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    we need more women .....well any women ...

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Congratulations to everyone who have made this forum is now.

    I registered somewhere in spring 2008 and started with the Prediction League which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to stop this in 2012 and haven't posted much since than.

    The forum has really improved throughout the years and will be confident it will in the upcoming years.

    Keep the good job up!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    good to see you Rin - a true legend of the forum in my opinion!

    hope things are all good with you mate.

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