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Thread: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Where has that time gone?

    I was asked to help run the forum in 2005 by The General (Paul) after helping run CMFrenzy (not sure if anyone remembers this site?)

    Back in the early days this place was literally rammed with conversation. Members have come and gone since then - including myself. It's great to see so many old faces replying on this thread.

    Steely - I've heard that you have a family the hell did that happen?! :P
    Specnur - I'm sure I read a semi-recent post from you regarding Arsene Wenger being a better coach than Pep Guardiola - some things will never change.
    Hams - Great to see that you are still working hard to keep this place ticking over. Must be over the moon with the progress the Hammers have made in the last few years.
    Pokerkings - Just had a listen to the original TalkSport call...that is still genius. The video cracks me up.
    Mrtz - Been keeping track of you on Facebook mate - proper stalker style! I can't believe they wouldn't allow a pig in your new pad.
    Big Jono & Conner - These two come as a pair. Do they still post?
    Gazza LFC - Great to see you still about. Hope you and Nikki are still doing well.
    Oranjepalooza - Brad is doing well still. Would be great to see him around the place again. From what I see on Facebook, he continues to coach.
    Smithy - She is an absolute star. Still keep in touch, so with see if I can get her back on to say a few words

    There are loads that I have missed out, so will start making my way around the forum.

    Thoughts go out to some of those who are no longer with us also.

    Twmcat - It come as a shock to us all when Clive passed away. Arsenal fan through and through who helped get the Womens Football section up and running with Agent Smith (If I remember correctly) and Smithy.

    Update on me...

    Well I continue to work with the site - however my contract will end at the end of this month. This means I will have some spare time to come back to the forum.

    My daughters are growing up quickly.
    Eldest is now 10, and plays for our local football club.
    Youngest is 7, and although she started playing football last year, it just isn't really her thing.

    Still working for the same company - been there 16 years now so am part of the furniture. Look forward to catching up with you all a bit more.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    A pair with Conner? Deadset thats how feuds start!?!

    I came back about a week ago after a few years away

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Here he is. Branson's PR man makes a long awaited appearance

    good to see you mate. you're correct, even I have been able to procreate so fear not, the next generation is in safe hands.

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    Did you make a new avatar just for the return?

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    Re: Forum.Football.Co.UK's 10th anniversary!

    I don't jump into these things half hearted dear boy!

    Love that Steely still has good old Alf Garnett...Didn't I choose that for you back in the day?

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