On April 7th Forum.Football.Co.Uk will be celebrating its 10th birthday so to mark this special occassion
i have decided to create this thread so we can fondly look back at the old times and remember former members of the past decade.

The board was first started by a poster called The General who ran things for a couple of years and got the site going but he
then left and his position was taken over by O Dogg for several years until i decided to step into his shoes and take over as admin.

When the site started back in 2005 Jose Mourinho had just taken over at Chelsea and Liverpool would go on to win the CL against Milan!
Are there any favourite posts or topics that posters will always remember? Also what have been the most embarrassing predictions of last 10 years?

What were you doing when you first registered to join up? How was your team doing at the time? Have they improved since or are they still hopeless?!

If you havent posted on the forum for some time now but used to be a regular please do stop by and re introduce yourself and do also spread the
word with any others you might still be in contact with on Facebook etc that were having a bit of a re union and it would be great to see you back.

Please use the topic in the General discussion section to post any comments.