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Thread: The hate that hate produced!

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    Nazi's were popular in many countries including England prior to ww2. That doesn't mean majority of people in these countries agreed with Hitler. And USA went into the war because they were attacked by Japanese and Germany declared a war against I thought.
    From what i have seen in documentaries and read elsewhere ,England were begging the US for years to get involved and they refused.The sheer amount of Nazi'a at that meeting in the America's most cosmopolitan city should indicate how people thought in general in the US at that point in time.
    It like when Australians blatantly us e racist language in their tv shows or politically it is because it is accepted more there .

    yes Japan attacked a US military base ,and i think that got them involved in the war for the pacific side of things ,but that had not8ing to do with their hatred fro the Nazi ideology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    I suppose you are right. Though I get the idea that white christian refers to the culture as well the religion. No doubt there are a lot of religious extremists there as well.
    Well it seems to me that western culture uses the bible as guidance through life with the 10 commandments and such (which are an edited version of about 40 such laws found in Africa for mankind).

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