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Thread: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2014/15

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2014/15

    There is big difference between that pitch invasion at Hereford all those years ago and what happened at Villa Park on Saturday night

    Back then it was genuine football fans running on to celebrate a true FA Cup shock against a Newcastle side who were the clear favourites.

    What we had at the weekend was a bunch of drunken morons looking for a fight with the West Brom and you could see the hatred on their faces.

    Surely even you could see that Mr Hill or were you watching a different game?

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2014/15

    Mon 16/03/15 Reading 3 - 0 Bradford City

    The Royals are through to the semi final and will face Arsenal at Wembley.

    We also had a pitch invasion at the Madesjki stadium last night at the final whistle plus a Bradford
    fan was arrested by the Police for racist abuse towards Readings Gareth McCleary when he was taking a corner.

    The FA have asked both clubs for a report into the incidents.

    Meanwhile Blackburn's replay with Liverpool will not take place until the 8th of April!

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2014/15

    Blackburn take on Liverpool tonight in their FA Cup quarter final replay with the winners taking on Aston Villa in the semi finals.

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2014/15

    Wed 08/04/15
    Blackburn Rovers 0 - 1 Liverpool

    Coutinho scored the winner for the Reds in the 2nd half to finally end Rovers run in the FA Cup.
    It was good to see a full Ewood Park and great atmosphere as Blackburn haven't had such a crowd since they went down from the PL.

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