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Thread: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

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    Re: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    i don't think i've ever seen a team in an FA Cup Semi FInal as incompetent as this Reading team. ball retention was a joke!

    still, Arsenal got lucky and progress.
    we were not so good keeping the ball either , but yes ..we had a bit of luck with that howler by Federici , making that fumbled attempt at a save by Szczesny for Reading`s equaliser look almost half decent . For me our best players were Cazorla , Coquelin and Giroud when he came on ..

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    Re: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

    Anyone who thinks Arsenal were lucky and Reading were anywhere near winning this game ,were watching a video tape of a past fixture. If we were lucky because we couldn't bury chances ,then i really don't understand that. We were the domain at team plain as day.

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    Re: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

    It has been revealed that Readings blunder keeper Adam Federici booked his own wedding on the same day as the FA Cup final!

    There is no accusation that he deliberately let the ball in through his legs so as not to lose his deposit, at least he can still go now though

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    Re: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

    That wouldn't surprise me at all ,he's Australian isn't he?

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    Re: SF-Reading v Arsenal - 18th April

    Love seeing Specnur calling for Sanchez to be taken off only for him to go and win us the game.

    Luck is a factor in all games but Reading didn't actually do enough to earn the victory, did they?

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