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Thread: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

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    SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    Aston Villa take on Liverpool in the FA Cup semi final at Wembley on Sunday with a 3pm kick off time.
    Any comments or predictions?

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    2-1 Villa

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April


    Given, Bacuna, Baker, Vlaar, Richardson, Westwood, Delph, Cleverley, Grealish, N’Zogbia, Benteke…

    Subs: Guzan, Okore, Sinclair, Weimann, Cole, Lowton, Gil.

    Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Lovren, Moreno, Allen, Henderson, Gerrard, Markovic, Coutinho, Sterling…

    Subs: Jones, Johnson, Toure, Lambert, Manquillo, Borini, Balotelli.

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April


    Villa 1-1 Liverpool

    Coutinho put the Reds 1-0 in front on 30 mins but then Benteke leveled for Aston Villa not long after to leave it all square at the break.

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    Anyway, i thought Sherwood's subs could have cost him at the end. Never saw any sense in them two coming on and they never maintained possession of the ball once. Almost scuppered my prediction with them shockers.

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April


    Aston Villa 2-1 Liverpool
    0-1 Coutinho 30'
    1-1 Benteke 36'
    2-1 Delph 54'

    Villa reach their first cup final for 15 years and end Steven Gerrard's dream of a farewell performance for the Reds at Wembley.

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    Didn't watch the game but now I've seen the highlights, looks like a deserved win for Aston Villa. I've had to ingest a couple of slices of humble pie about Tim, although he obviously still has a bit to prove (staying in the Prem is not a given yet). Naturally I'll be cheering the Villans on against the Gooners, I'm sure they'll give them a game in the final.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    I arrived back at Lime St Station livid ,and as collected my car and drove home my sense of frustration heightened with every
    red light I encountered ,try as I might I just couldn't expunge the memories of what I had witnessed just 24 hrs earlier.

    I'm now left perplexed /bemused at just how a game of such magnitude and one of real relevance to our season was allowed
    to just drift away with less fight than a team moulded to failure by Hodgson.

    Liverpool fans have always shown loyalty and an ingrained respect for the club as a great institution ,but the one thing that
    stands out above all else, is we have never suffered fools ,Kopites have never afforded patience just for the sake of it ,we need
    to see something that merits our faith ,otherwise its just challenging our collective intelligence.

    I don't like Rodgers and I've never managed to shirk those feeling ,but fans expected to remain true to this belief we're all supposed
    to stay malleable enough to mould our (sadly taken for granted ) faith into a convenient blindness that will afford this charlatan
    another season is simply not feasible .... This manager is arguably the most bereft of game intelligence I have ever seen at this club
    he constantly beseeches the fans to afford him time ,and declares himself the man to reward our patience if we stand behind him.

    He says he understands our heritage and will continue stacking the building bricks that have made this great club so successful ,and
    yet he expects us to applaud his consistent failures and to move on with a song in our hearts in the belief the future will be significantly

    I wont mention the tactics Sherwood utilised to negate our threat ,because its been well versed throughout the media by non other than
    Timothy himself ...Rodgers on the other hand altered our formation three times throughout the course of the game ,the complexities
    of this rendering our entire eleven lost and arguably lambs to the slaughter....Why he reverted to a back four when we went in front
    will forever mystify me ,if it was to make his players look even more disjointed than we had in the first half hour then it worked a treat.

    Congratulations Sherwood and Villa but truth be told the result never looked in doubt ,Rodgers propensity to shoot himself in the foot with
    his bizarre tactics will eventually leave him with stumps, Sherwood was simply the surgeon.

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    Re: SF-Aston Villa v Liverpool - 19th April

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    Quote Originally Posted by redpelt
    my sense of frustration heightened with every red light I encountered
    all the ladies busy then mate?

    My drive home was plagued by 'fat ladies singing' mate, just hope they're equally as audible to Liberace

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