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Thread: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    FT Arsenal 4 (Walcott 40? Sánchez 50? Mertesacker 62? Giroud 90? ) Aston Villa 0

    A cup final only Arsenal fans could enjoy, their keeper was not forced into a meaningful save for the entire game. Congratulations to Arsenal, back to back wins in the F.A. cup is not to be sniffed at. Villa fans who thought they might be on the crest of a TS inspired wave are back down to Earth with an unceremonious crash. Villa's mission next season is to stay in the PL, perhaps progressing a place or two. Arsenal's mission is to build on this talented squad to challenge for the title. I think a couple of astute acquisitions would put them in that territory. Time to loosen the purse strings Arsene.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    We own the FA Cup out right kings of the 3 biggest prize in club football after the champions league title and premiership title.
    When we needed a big game from our out of form player Cazorla and Sanchez and Giroud we got something from all of them.It was also great to see all our subs involved in the 4th goal. I think Ozil deserved to stay on and Ramsey come off to be honest ,but it was a fine performance from the German .He will be a pivotal part of your success next season now he is no longer a passenger on the pitch ,it makes our job a lot easier with 11 men putting in a shift and today showed that. As much as we dominated it was looking like luck was against us and when you see stops like Villa made it would be easy for our players to think it just not to be ,but 11 men working carried us .And With the energy of Coquelin in the middle of the park and Sanchez all over the pitch it gave other players the lift we needed. One of the best performances this season from us , some of the best football ever played in England without question given the occasion ,the condition of our best players at the end of a long season and the pressure of expectations. A massive building block to use for next season.

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    Well done to Arsenal on winning the FA cup for a record 12th time plus Wenger has now gone level with Fergie on total number of wins.

    It was an excellent performance from the Gunners especially Cazorla but what happened to Aston Villa? They just didn't even turn up!!

    What a great goal that was from Sanchez who has been their best player this season and he has more than justified his big transfer fee.

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    a superb win for us Specnur said it was one of our best performances of the season and to do it in the FA Cup final , I reckon Wenger must have got the team talk spot on and everyone played well ....Ramsey , Ozil , Coquelin ...Mertsacker ....Walcott ...Sanchez with a stunner to make it 2-0 and then after Mertsacker made it 3-0 , we were perhaps a little fortunate to get away with a couple of decisions ...but Villa were very poor only 2 shots in the whole match ..none on target , that is not how Tim Sherwood had planned the day to go I bet . The icing on the cake was Giroud coming on and getting the final goal ..lovely finish .

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    pathetic attempt from Villa. very surprised by such a gutless performance actually. i never understand this, you'd think they'd play out of their skin for 93 mins and raise their game in the same way that lower league teams do in earlier rounds of the cup. instead they were ineffectual and insipid.

    one of the most one sided cup finals i think i've ever seen.
    Easier said than done mate.
    When Arsenal are that type of form no one can play with us let alone a team of technically inferior players ! I don;t care how much pride you have ,Arsenal only and one game left in them and every player on Arsenal played out of their skin early doors and took any life pout of what Villa came to thats radium with. I fro one do not think they came to lie down ,as they were very active defensively ,but when you see the type of pressure they put on us ,and the type of passing under intense pressure we displayed there iS nothing any team can do ,i don't care who it is.
    I have to be honest and say i don;t think arsenal can do that every game ,but to have that in your locker as a level of play is absolutely should destroying for the opposition . I'm in Berlin at the mo so i can;t dissect that game for references ,but there were times even i had to to say to my son How the F@ck did they get out of that"! I know some of these fair-weather commentators say it ,but some of their play was breathtaking .
    You'll take heart in knowing that Ozil had large parts to play in that play though mate!

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    perhaps but there was no obvious game plan in force whatsover. they didn't park the bus, they didn't press consistently, they didn't look to counter and they didn't even look to take the sting out of the game by holding possession. it was a very Allardyce-esque performance, devoid of any understandable game plan.

    as you'll know mate, the ability and contribution of our boy Mesut was never in doubt among those of us in the know. lesser mortals are only now beginning to see what some of us saw 18 months ago ,
    I tink their game plan was to obviously pressure Arsenal from the get go ,only to unsettle them as lesser skilled teams have done to them over the past 12 years. They bought into that myth that "Arsenal don't like it up 'em" and that's why you and untold fouls go against them, some weren't even called. But when Arsenal were able to withstand their game plan with relative ease which must have been shocking to them ,as i truly believe they thought it would work , the psychological effect was massive . What is the most shocking thing about that match up is that you and two teams giving it their very best performance as there were no more game left and it was the biggest prize outside of the league title .Given that i don't think no team in the league had better players to combat Arsenal's intricate style of play as Villa did . Now they are not the most skilled ,but that mid field had quick ,small agile players that should have been able to disrupt their passing game .You put Matic in that game and he would have been out performed by Delph and Cleverly without question and they were almost rendered useless. That's how incredible Arsenal were in this game ,completely and utterly Arsenal at their highest . If they hand;t beaten top 4 teams this season i would say it could have been them bullying ,but they showed glimpses of this form against those top level teams and that was with 10 men (as Ozil was garbage in each and every one of them games). So i can't wait to see how Arsenal perform next season now he;s finally coming into each game with positive input throughout 90 minutes .

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    Re: Final- Arsenal v Aston Villa-30th May- 5.30pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    has Tim Sherwood hacked into your account ffs? Aston Villa are sh*t mate, this game was just yet more evidence of that. outperformed Matic? have a word
    I thought after watching Mertesacker's exposure in the world cup you'd known better mate!
    What will convince you that players like Delph and Cleverly are more suitable defensively to how Arsenal play than Matic is.
    It is physically impossible for MAtic to keep up with the type of football we play at our best which this game showed. He's a lead footed lump that would have been exposed as such if he set foot in this game. He good against players of similar size and stature such as at Man city with ya ya ,Fernandinho and fernando etc ,but intricate play is physically out of his range of ability. You know it makes sense bloke ffs .

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