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Thread: Real Madrid sack Benitez/Zidane in

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    Real Madrid sack Benitez/Zidane in

    News just in that Madrid have fired manager Carlo Ancelotti after Los Blancos ended up without winning a trophy this season.

    The Galacticos have now fired 9 coaches in last 12 years.

    Rafael Benitez is the favourite to take over with Jurgen Klopp also in the running.

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti

    Sam Allardyce to Real Madrid?

    Its no surprise that Ancelotti got the sack really as the Los Blancos fans are incredibly demanding at the Bernabeu
    and they will have now gone for 2 seasons without winning La Liga which is unacceptable for that lot over there in Spain.

    I remember when Los Galacticos fired Del Bosque who had just won the CL because their style of football wasn't attractive enough!

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti

    As expected Rafael Benitez was appointed as the new Real Madrid coach to replace Carlo Ancelotti.

    He will have a difficult job on his hands to take on treble winners Barcelona next season plus local rivals Atletico.

    There are reports coming in from Spain that the Bernabeu club have asked their new manager to lose some weight!

    How will the old Spanish Waiter do in charge of Los Galacticos?

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti/Benitez in

    I expect Rafa to do well as the Bernabau. I do see him being a long-term solution but dare not say that with their history.

    There's a difference when you get a manager that actually speak the language of the club. They would do well to keep him. He is a proven manager.

    Didn't he win La Liga twice with Valencia? Why did they not go for him before?

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti/Benitez in

    I believe your right Tipster that Rafa did win La Liga with Valencia at least a couple of times in the early 2000's
    but have no idea why he never attracted the interest of either Madrid or Barcelona back then as he would have been perfect.
    It appears that Liverpool were impressed with him back then though and we all know how Benitez would go on to win the 2005 CL final.

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti/Benitez in

    It looks like Rafael Benitez's job could already be on the line after Madrid were thrashed 4-0 at home by Barcelona on Saturday.
    He hasn't even been in charge for half a season!

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Carlo Ancelotti/Benitez in

    Reports coming in that Rafael Benitez has been sacked following Madrid's 2-2 draw away at Valencia.

    I think his down fall though was when Barcelona won 4-0 at the Bernabeu earlier on in season and home fans want him out.

    Zidane who has been in charge of the B team is expected to take over although he doesn't have any experience at this level.

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Benitez/Zidane in

    Madrid have now won 16 matches in a row under Zidane to equal the record that Barcelona set under Pep Guardiola in 2011.

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Benitez/Zidane in

    and they are now leading the La Liga table 3 points ahead of Barca and 4 points against Atletico

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    Re: Real Madrid sack Benitez/Zidane in

    This is the kind of gamble appointments that need to happen more often.

    I know ZZ has walked into a strong Madrid side, but you still have to get your players buying into the cause which he seems to do well. In fact better than current established managers.

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