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Thread: Football tracking devices

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    Football tracking devices

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to find the best piece of hardware for using to track me when I play. I'm getting on a bit at 32 and "feel" myself slowing down, not doing as much running etc and becoming generally a bit lazier.

    Its hard to compute by how much and would be good if I had figures to improve on so wondering what are the best devices for tracking this.

    Sometimes the games I play is indoor so GPS is probably out? Unsure how accurate gps would be running over a pitch too.

    I've seen the fitbit strap which seems a decent enough pedometer(which counts average distance on steps and calories burnt) but are there any other devices that are even better. I know the Nike fuel band counts calories too but not sure what else it does.

    Then there's the garmin watches but think they are all running watches with GPS.

    Are there any devices like this out there specifically designed with football in mind?

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    Re: Football tracking devices

    What a great idea!

    Obviously they do this with pro footballers in the Premier League, but never heard of it elsewhere.

    Maybe ask OPTA.

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