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Thread: Liverpool alowed to defend the title

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    Liverpool alowed to defend the title


    what are your thoughts

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    Dont agree with the decision. But I guess its nice to them being able to defend there trophy. I am obviously happy to see another British team in the Champions League. But I dont think it is fair.

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    Iagree in some ways but disagree in others.

    Anyway, it wouldnt be a compo without the defending champs

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    I think its the best thing. They are not going to do it again anyway, it is just a way to give them some honour...

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    i guess tts the best possible decision. if liverpool are not allowed to defend deir title the supporters will go crazy. i guess liverpool paid for the 5th place finish when they hafta plae 6 matches b4 reachin the grp stages.

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    It is fair they get in but first qualifying stage! They should be straight into the group stages or at least 3rd qualifying phase!

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    This rule will now continue not only this season, but each and every season. I agree that winners should be automatically seeded into the Group stages.

    I said on the night Liverpool won the competition that Liverpool will defend their trophy next season, so I am luck as I also said I would Sing another song for Mohammed Dogg also if they didnt get to defend the trophy.

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    I agree in a way they are the holders so they should go straight bk into it,thats the rule uefa should make not the rule where 4th placed team loses out,which they have set for next season which is wrong.
    So say if liverpool win it again but this time they finish 7th in the league and say newcastle finish 4th ,newcastle would lose out thats bo-locks not that im bothered liverpool wont even make the groups stages u watch.

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    yeah , i think the rules should have been changed to allow the winners automatic qualification to the group stages from next year. What are the odds Liverpool will get Everton during these qualifying rounds.

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    I think its fair, it will be good to see another English team in there cos i dont think Everton have a s**t show of getting to the group stage.

    The only really available option was to chuck them in at the very start of the qualification phase; once they decided to include them that is.

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