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Thread: Rooney v Charlton

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    I still don't think he hit that over head kick properly and was kind of lucky that it went in.
    It wasn't as good as Andy Carroll's effort against Palace!

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    Rooney has a long way to go tho there is no doubt about sir Bobby's greatness. But Rooney can still edge him interms of goals, it's just that Ronney need another breakthrough

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    Wayne Rooney has retired from
    International football on 53 goals above Bobby Charlton's record.

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    What's depressing though Is the fact Southgate called Rooney to put him in the side and Rooney had to tell Southgate he's retiring.

    It's sad that even the player accepts he's passed it before the manager recognises it.

    I like Southgate but him calling on Rooney again was face palming stuff.

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