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Thread: 2016 US Presidential Election

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    Donald Trump has decided to change his mind
    and send more American troops to Afghanistan as the
    government there now only control %57 of the country
    and the Taliban are slowly taking over in areas outside Kabul.
    Is it not right to take them on again to stop them winning the war?

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    they are protecting their own land from foreign invaders . We have absolutely no f@cking business in that country simple as that.
    If they invaded us the entire country would be up in arms.
    You will never find a better example of white supremacy than anyone who supports invading that country.

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    So he has pardoned Arpaio. The guy is not just a racist but human filth in many ways. The sheriff I mean. Trump seems to be all about pandering he's base at the moment. Great times ahead.

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