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Thread: Another US gun massacre

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    26 shot dead in church? Clearly Jebus has dropped the ball again. I can't feign horror or disgust at this sort of event any more. America sees the occasional slaughter as the price to pay for widespread civilian gun ownership. Good luck to them.
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    what was the reason for the church massacre?

    I'm also still unclear on the supposed motives of the Vegas shooting. seems that the authorities are either clueless or very selective on the information they disclose. neither really do much to inspire confidence and put out the fires of conspiracy theorists.

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    on a more broad issue, is mental health a bigger issue for Americans than gun ownership?

    I mean, the medicating of kids over there is widespread and it is a culture of aggressive self-interest and its probably worth considering that banning guns isn't really solving a problem, just shifting it. the primary problem is clearly mental health - and within that the even wider issue of 'divine motivation' - so taking away guns from everyone seems a bit tokenistic as a measure.

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