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Thread: Saido Berahino/John Stones

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    Saido Berahino/John Stones

    West Brom striker Saido Berahino has handed in a transfer request but it was rejected by the Baggies club straight away.
    Spurs who have had a 15 M bid turned down are now to make an offer of 20 M.
    Should Albion let the forward leave if he is no longer happy there or keep him against his will?

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    Re: Saido Berahino

    Come on Baggies, we all know where this thing is going, the kid wants to move on. They want 25M for him, they know they have all the cards so Tottenham will probably end up paying that. Too much for the fella? Yes, but Spurs have dug themselves into a hole by leaving it so late as usual. Soldado gone, Adebayor clearly no longer a part of our plans, we're getting a bit desperate and West Brom know it. This is one battle Levy can't win, he is going to have to pay top dollar. I get really bored with transfer speculation, I think Wenger has a point in saying when the season starts the window should close. It would focus chairmen and managers to pull their fingers out. It may mean a few less speculative stories linking club A with player B that some sports journo has pulled out of his arse to fill some column inches, but that can only be a good thing right?
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    Re: Saido Berahino/John Stones

    Everton's John Stones has also handed in a transfer request to try and force through a move to the champions Chelsea.
    Will either he or Berahino be successful?

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    Re: Saido Berahino/John Stones

    So Stones stayed at Everton then and Berahino is still with West Brom.

    The Baggies striker could be in trouble after attacking Albion chairman Jeremy Peace on Twitter.

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    Re: Saido Berahino/John Stones

    Only another four months and the speculation starts all over again, can't wait.
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