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Thread: Paris/Europe Under Terrorist Attack

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    Well of course you are right about killing and conquering people and treating them as lower people because of their race. I mean that Europe was pretty dynamic place during the middle ages and white people were warring with each other constantly. Then because of technological and other advances it became easier to abuse other people. And being different they considered then worse. But this is how people of all races have been when dealing with other races. I would put more emphasis on how people still in western world when we are supposed to be so educated and so on so many still consider other races even their fellow citizens as worse than themselves. But if you take England for example there were no black people in there 100 years ago but people of nobility considered themselves higher beings than average Englishman. Eugenics was considered a legit theory in USA not so long ago. So if you say white people tend to consider other people as lower beings as them then it's not only a race thing. Though I think this applies to every race on earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    people are corrupted by wealth and power. it isn't exclusive to race or geographical boundaries. human beings are fallable and crave status, wealth and power. that is evidenced across the planet throughout human history.
    can you provide any instances when that has happened outside of European ,before contact with the European?

    what you do at this point is backtrack from your all encompassing "caucasian race" to be a focus on 'the elites' but your wilful interchange between the two when it suits tells me enough.

    the colonialists, the lawmakers, the lords, the landgrabbers, the explorers, the barons and the politicians are not 'my people'. I don't share your race obsession and so I don't take ownership for the behaviour of others because they have my skin colour. the narrative of today that my mere existence as a white male should be something I should apologise for, feel guilty for or any of that is obscene.
    But you celebrate the monarchy who signed off on slavery and plundered Africa for every jewell that circles her head or she has stuffed under her bed.
    You see there is a certain segment of then working class that admires and for centuries celebrated the the degenerates who butchered dark people all in the name of the Queen. Now that , in a general sense dark people are now deemed to be human ,it is no longer politically correct to celebrate these monsters .
    But there is a n adjustment period and some conflict still going on in the heads of those proud patriotic British folk that some have trouble dealing with.

    it's boring now.
    yes it might be for you ,because you are not living in my reality.

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    After making Specs look completely embarrassing in the hate that produced hate that hate had a cup of tea with thread, I'd thought I'd share another yank making a complete HAT of himself.

    Pure brilliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    Yes, and I already have done numerous times. even the most basic grasp of world history will show you that status, wealth and power was sought by every facet of civilisation.
    under what premise though of course there have been conflict ,no one is denying that .
    But exploitation based on RACE to this day????????
    you are having laugh man!
    They haven't taken a breather since they started ffs!

    Not quite. I celebrate Her Majesty The Queen who didn't sign off on slavery and didn't plunder Africa for every jewel on her crown.

    she has dismantled the Empire, empowered the former colonies through the Commonwealth group of Nations, granted independence to all those nations who wanted it and sits as Head of State of the nations that preferred that option.

    some anti-monarchists have trouble understanding that people in foreign lands quite like Queen Liz at the head of the table fighting their corner for them on the world stage.
    Mate you and i both know that is tantamount to the removal of "white only" signs on drinking fountains ,restaurants and hotels in America in the 60's .
    It is surface bullsh!t that gives the notion of Britain loosening it's grip on parts of Africa.

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    2 German women on holiday in Egypt have been killed in a mass stabbing at a holiday resort.

    This is why British citizens are no longer allowed to go there by the UK government at moment.

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    Do you mean if they weren't allowed to leave they wouldn't be in it?

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    Looks like another terrorist attack,this time in Barcelona, Spain.

    13 people feared dead after a van drove into crowds
    of people on Las Ramblas which is a popular tourist area in the city.

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    Spanish Police have shot dead 4 Jihadists in Cambrils
    near Barcelona who were about to carry out a 2nd terrorist attack.

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    13 people dead for what?
    Probably innocent people that had no issue with anyone ,cut down like weeds.
    The troubling ting in these cases, if they are done by who we are lead to believe , is that they couldn't give a toss about public opinion and gathering support from more liberal thinking westerners. That for me could signal that the very worst is yet to come and of a more egregious nature at that.

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    More terrible news in Barcelona. These scum seem to be striking every few months in a different city. I wonder do they wait for security levels to drop in all the big cities before they strike. Anyway R.I.P all the dead and my heart goes out to their families. Hope all the injured recover quickly

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