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Thread: Paris/Europe Under Terrorist Attack

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    Paris/Europe Under Terrorist Attack

    Sad news to report that 40 civilians have so far been murdered by terrorists in the French capital Paris tonight.

    At this moment in time over 100 people are also being held hostage at a concert venue plus there has been
    a bomb going off outside a bar next to the Stade De Francais stadium where France were playing against Germany.

    RIP to all the French dead.

    Hope all the Jihadist scum going around murdering innocent people are all shot dead and die a slow and painful death

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    have they actually identified them as Jihadists?

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    Quote Originally Posted by mrtz
    have they actually identified them as Jihadists?
    According to Sky News There is no doubt they are followers of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    60 reported dead now plus shootings going on all over the capital so expect the death toll to rise in the next few hours.

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    This is terrible to see unfold. 6 separate coordinated attacks confirmed.

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    Shocking news that over 100 people have been murdered by terrorists at the concert hall in Paris on Friday night.

    2 Jihadists were shot dead by special forces.

    Total of innocent civilians murdered by these Islamic scum is now 140 which could still rise ever further.

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    Until the west are able to understand the concept from which these people operate under ,they will always be at a disadvantage.
    If the past of colonization wasn't such a guilt trip for the west ,they would have handled this crap a lot differently ii'll tell you that.
    Now the innocent citizens who had nothing to do with the decisions of their government pay the price.
    This isn't going to stop and it absolutely infuriates me every time these type of events take place.
    It's easy to say these crack pots are doing this just because they hate our way of life ,that's a mugs mindset quite frankly.
    The west got to get the hell out of the middle east and try and repair the damage they have done in that region ,even if it end s up being nothing more than a gesture. Shocking and sad developments .

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    The death toll is now down to 120.

    8 Jihadists also died last night 7 of whom were suicide bombers with one being shot dead by special forces.

    This is one of the worst ever terrorist attacks in Europe.

    I would say we are now at war with with these radical Islamists and can't rest until they are all killed where ever they are hiding.

    We will get all of you barstards if not today then in the weeks to come.

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    Where I completely agree that the West have to get out of the middle east, that is not an excuse for murdering innocent people.

    If everyone took an eye for an eye then the World would be blind.

    These are muderers with no excuses.

    This is why change needs to happen and the system needs to change. People mug off protesters like Russell Brand or Jermey Corbyn for suggesting change to stop the route of all these problems. But are surprised when the people in power are causing this kind of retaliation.

    Que the publics next outcry for more air strikes which will breed even more violence for the West.

    If our Government wasn't so greedy they woukd instantly stop trading with Qatar and the Saudi's who fund terriosts!! But they won't want to lose that income....will they?

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    Re: Paris Under Terrorist Attack

    Once again its the innocent whose lives are felled in the name of politics and religion .

    R.I.P to the fallen.

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