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Thread: Paris/Europe Under Terrorist Attack

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    Almost certainly. they want us to back those toppling Assad. many people genuinely view the 'rebels' as downtrodden farmers, shopkeepers and teachers rather than the rabid islamists they are. reporting the facts of who we're trying to back in this civil war will be a truth bomb too far for many.
    My point exactly.

    who are the peaceful people for untold decades? Islam has been ruling through terror for almost a millennia. infighting and killing among various strains of Islam has been rife since the religion was formed. that not every individual has been involved is a small mercy for the planet.
    Those that have lived in the UK mate!

    Saddam, like Assad, was a secularist. Gaddafi was also more of a secular leaning leader. they kept the rabid Islamists at bay through power.
    Yeah and that's got nothing to do with us.

    I quite agree we monumentally f*cked up by involving ourselves and playing a role in getting rid of these men. however to say that Islamism was born from what we did is just wrong, it is as simple as that. it was always there, it was just suppressed by powerful Statesmen.
    I didn't say that , i was saying that Terror attacks on US are the result of our nefarious dealings in that region by toppling democratically elected officials , robbing the Iraq of historical artifacts like some crazed looter, raping women and children , using depleted uranium on citizens and so on.

    what? you want me to name a case where white women and children are targeted?
    etc etc

    I was talking about BLOWING THEM UP ,what you are linking me to here is what had been common behavior amongst the natives of our country for centuries.

    if you mean general attacks on children then Manchester was far from unusual. a couple of examples:

    Neither of these attacks took place on our soil.
    You are completely getting my point wrong. We are talking about attacks ON OUR SOIL.

    I don't care. religion is colour/race blind and so trying to turn this into a 'person of colour' issue is pointless.
    Well this is why you will always fail to understand the main issue here.
    You can point to a religious ideology being the reason and i am starting to think doing so is just reluctance to face the actual truth like it will go away.
    The fact is people for the west in general and the establishments in particular do not look upon darker cultures as equals. They haven't done any time in history that i can find and you ONLY need to look at the History of colonialism ,what was done to acquire land and what was done when the indigenous people politely refused our ways. You just can't get away for it mate and the sooner you realize the better you'll be bale to understand where we are right now . If it were just about Religion and race had no part in it i would be a much happier man i can tell you that. I wish that were the case with every fibre of my being ,but it's not.

    so why aren't black people, Sikhs, hindus, far eastern, eastern Europeans and any other group you can name going around blowing sh*t up? why is it only the Islamists that are somehow driven to murderous, hateful behaviour?
    Well for a start yo are dealing with a different mentality in regards to black people ,because i for one wish they would have blown shit up when we were going through the worst of our persecution . I think in places like south Africa things like that were taking place if not in the works to. In America we never had the means like people have today. And you really have to look at who has bee in conflict with who . for example eastern Europeans were not part of the same issue in regards to the west because of tour racial make up. As for the rest you can look at what their actual experience was and if it mirrors what is happening in the middle east insect 1945.

    the nonsense of that statement is that there are people in the UK not willing to blow me up but vehemently oppose homosexuals, consider me a filthy kafir, think I should be punished by death if I were to mock the Prophet, think aspostates should similarly be punished by death, think Sharia Law should be implemented in all its forms and that the word of a man is stronger than that of several women in cases of law. all of that is backed by scripture.
    Yes those people exist but are the a majority ? You would have us believe they are in your quest to demonize there faith. I can tell you one thing those people never existed when i was growing up in the UK and those that were here in those times will be looking at those who believe such garbage with contempt because it will only disrupt their peaceful lives they have worked their lives to obtain.

    there will be others that agree that I (or any other muslim) can say, think, f*ck and do as we please. that, generally, isn't backed by scripture.
    yet the latter is the one we pretend is the 'true Islam' because it suits our sensibilities. its 'head up arse' syndrome.
    When it comes to "head up the arse" syndrome you can look at England and its inhabitants as the number one in that category from where i stand . Because we all want to admire and be proud of how great our country is ,but don't want to face the FACTS of how we got there. Where would England be without the black blood that covers there hands ? Where would it be without the exploitation of Africa for it's resources ? and theist goes on.

    thankfully the world has moved on considerably since those dark days though. if your solution in any situation is 'religion' then you're asking yourself the wrong question.
    But has it really ?
    I thought so ,when i moved to America only to find out that it never went away ,it just morphed with the times and attitudes and realization of most sane thinking people . But the establishment of most of the wrong doers centuries ago haven;t changed one bit and then middle east and Africa today are fine examples off that.
    Those two places are the main points of issue coincidentally because they have the natural resources the west crave . Not Asia or south or not America or Europe ,but Africa and Asia. Wake up Man!

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    for sure I wasn't out there protesting. I find it to be a largely self-indulgent act by people more interested in being 'seen' to do something rather than actually doing something. some of the behaviour and intellect of many people on so many marches and protests that I've seen has been beyond parody - that obviously isn't exclusively the case but has been more often than not.
    But if you are out there with actually passion and outing those pretenders for what they are it might make difference .But those who do so for pretentious reason shroud never alter your stance.

    regarding the will of the people, we still have politicians trying to reverse the Brexit process that was voted for by 17.4m people.
    Yep ,and you know what? I was thinking about this the other day. If the Brexit thing was not seen to be fixed and they do try and reverse it , i would want those that voted for it to go out on the streets and make it known in whatever way the deem fit that they are not having it.

    Islamists operate on a similar level of superiority. how can they not be, they are carrying out the Will of God? similarly, they have a history of not just demeaning but systematically destroying cultural landmarks of national significance.
    That's what is written in the news. But i find it a massive difference between people of that region doing that to their own and a bunch of US and UK squaddies doing the same thing .You'll have hard job trying to convince me they are of the same mindset.

    Muslims have colonised enough of the planet to have 1.5bn followers as you keep pointing out. lets not forget this religion was born long after the other two major monotheistic religions that spawned from that same part of the world which gives you some indication of its successful expansionism.
    Do they really have 1.5 billion followers through colonization? LOL!
    So you don't think people like Ribery converted because he was colonized ? He''s white ffs! Or how about robin Van Persie ? Or Danny Blum?
    I think you may need to rethink that mate. Do you think those guys are anti gay or want to the things you say these extremists want .I would say they follow the lines of a person such as Malcolm X who was astounded to find out how slam had absolutely no colour barriers and how VERY man at Mecca black white and brown were looked upon as genuine brothers . THAT my friend is the majority not those crazed psychopaths that get the attention as a tool of the trade and tested strategy of divide and conquer the west created. Before he ventured to Mecca Malcolm x was actually taking more long the lines of kill whitey fueled by the most horrific treatment of his people in America.

    ISIS want to establish an Islamic caliphate. the clue is in their name.
    Yes i get that . But before ISIS we were and stiller fighting the Taliban that wanted nothing more than taking back control of their won land for occupying forces of the west. So we paint this picture and they change all the time .

    I've asked elsewhere but do you genuinely think if we did so that the attacks on us would stop?
    And i have answered it .
    Eventually once it is seen as a legitimate attempt by the west ,yes.

    incidentally I'd happily favour no intervention whatsoever and under no circumstances whatsoever for a complete 25 years. sign a declaration. let them get on with it.

    And i have said my piece on that also .

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    Looks like 2 or maybe 3 terrorist attacks have taken place in London

    A van is reported to have driven into people on London Bridge and in
    another incident people are being attacked by men with knives in Borough Market.
    Gun shots have been fired by police.

    Also something going on in Vauxhall.

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    1 death now reported on London Bridge.

    fucking muslim terrorist bastards must all be killed
    dont take any of them alive.

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    7 reported dead now and 48 injured.

    It sounds like all 3 of the attackers were killed

    These scum will never win against us and there
    is no justification for there actions. They are just pure evil.

    Its funny how all these terrorists just happen to be Muslim.

    Do they want to kill us all? Bring it on if you fuckers want to fight.

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    Some people will never grasp the full situation of what they are up against here ,what has suddenly driven people to do such outrageous acts on OUR soil.
    They continue to believe that all of a sudden one morning the Muslim world has said "hey you know ,lets start attacking Europe ! I don't like how much freedom they got over there."
    If it wasn't so f@cking tragic what is happening on our streets right now it i'd be laughing at the ridiculousness of the general mindset promoted in the press and ate up by the common folk.
    It's so depressing because i don't see anyone actually dealing with the real reason or trying to genuinely figure out why this crap is happening ,because it's so convenient in their mind to just blame the "other" on their "primitive" religion producing such vermin.
    Well i will continue to come to these threads and refute such uneducated opinions.
    It could have been any of us killed yesterday or even worse still any of the ones we love ,but there comes a time when you need to think a little bit deeper than your initial emotional reaction allows you to.
    I said after the Manchester attack ,that my fear was that this only the beginning of a long hard road.
    People in England are generally good people ,so the conflict between being more open minded and inclusive and the reality that we don't know who will attack us next within our social mosaic means this will be harder than most countries that are less "tolerant" .
    From my stand point as egregious as these attacks the amount we are seeing over the small space of time is the ONLY way the politicians that have got us into this quagmire will start to actually listen.

    What many here don't understand is the ONLY politician that i can see in this country that has a real chance of quelling this concerted effort to destroy us is Corbyn, because he is the on person who has publicly criticized the EMPIRE and its dealing outside of these shores .In my eyes if your feel he is anti-Britain because of this you are nothing but a white supremacist.
    We need to get out of that region now and try to fix what we have done to create such a situation and stay the hell out.
    Any other politician who has a realistic chance of winning the next election will take us right back into this mess ,making our lives an absolute hell in the UK .
    They don't give a toss about the people on the streets , all they care about is maintaining their hold on resources at any cost . We are expendable to these bastards . I wasn't even going to vote before these attacks ,but now for the first time in my life i will put my name down without question in my personal effort to try and end this horror before it gets worse ,because that is where we are going.
    We need to hand those that put us in this nightmare over to those that seek to do us harm .

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    Specs, we all know your opinion on these attacks, you think it is because of the historical crimes former empire countries like Britain and France have inflicted on brown people, and/or the recent US led attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan. There may be an element of truth to that, but it is not the entire picture, like most things there are shades of grey. Religion and religious belief certainly comes into these attacks, it would be nonsense to suggest otherwise. I don't want to get into a long debate about it with you, as we've done that one before. You don't, however, need to keep making the same point every time a terrorist attacks in the UK or Europe, we all know where you stand mate.
    The only good thing to come out of this is three dead Muslim extremists, that's three less we have to worry about.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Such distressing scenes . Only 10 weeks since the last terrorist attack on the capital and less than 2 weeks since the attack in Manchester. The police were quick to take them out but they still managed so much carnage.

    All the political parties have stopped campaigning today but then Theresa May started campaigning by stating that there is too much tolerance of extremism and that enough is enough so I can only assume that means she will stop the arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967 View Post
    Specs, we all know your opinion on these attacks, you think it is because of the historical crimes former empire countries like Britain and France have inflicted on brown people, and/or the recent US led attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan. There may be an element of truth to that, but it is not the entire picture, like most things there are shades of grey. Religion and religious belief certainly comes into these attacks, it would be nonsense to suggest otherwise. I don't want to get into a long debate about it with you, as we've done that one before. You don't, however, need to keep making the same point every time a terrorist attacks in the UK or Europe, we all know where you stand mate.
    The only good thing to come out of this is three dead Muslim extremists, that's three less we have to worry about.
    I'll keep making the point as long as i keep seeing the ,quite frankly, brain numbing comments on peoples delusional thoughts on how to solve it!
    The same garbage that has us going round in circles year after f@cking year. So why you single my point out and not aim the same criticism at those bellowing the same trash every time these nutters hit our soil is something you'll have to deal with ,as i for one couldn't care less .

    For you to a claim that RELIGION is part of the blame is nothing more than a deflection from the real cause ,and i stress again it is the very mindset that keeps this nightmare going. There is no doubt that the illegal invasion of Iraq ,which British people in the region of 2 million or so marched in protest to avoid, and outrageously lopsided death toll in recent years in the Israeli/Palastine conflict are main factors in why we have seen these terrorists start the campaign on Europe at such an alarming rate .There is absolutely no way around it. There were millions of muslims in Europe before that and i for one cannot remember a single such attack on our soil ,so lets connect the f@cking dots here and stop deflecting blame . Of course these degenerates blowing innocent people up need to be taken care of without any remorse whatsoever ,but letting those that caused this reaction from them off the hook after we told them not to invade is an indication of just how f@cking soft we have become in this country . A bunch of damn pussies is what we are ,simple as that .We just give up on our rights ,because we don't think it will make a difference and end up scapegoating an entire religion which just happens to have 1.5 BILLION peaceful followers.
    Pathetic doesn't even come close to describing it ,and it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach every time i hear one of these half witted clowns talk about Immigration being the problem. What another absolute crock. Closing the borders will not have any effect on what is going on ,NONE. So lets make that clear ,you will never stop them from getting to us as long as they want to .i'm sorry if that scares some you on here ,but its the truth if you look at the mindset you are dealing with . Anyone willing to blow themselves up are willing to go to no ends to do that.
    This crap makes me so angry on both sides of the equation 1) because those terrorist cowards will make our life hell for the foreseeable future , and 2) because we have a bunch of half wits in this country failing to understand the cause, all together culminating in more of this down the road.

    This sh!t is a disaster and those guilty are far from harm with tier stinking feet up thumbing past another bombing in whatever rag it is that lot read and will continue the cycle if elected into power.
    So damn depressing.
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