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Thread: Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich/Ancelotti out

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    Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked as manager of Bayern Munich
    Following Wednesday's 3-0 Champions League defeat by Paris St-Germain,

    The rumour is that the Germans will go for Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp.

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    I hope with every fiber in my body that arsenal go for Ancelotti.

    I know according to Specnur Ancelotti had a bad run managing England but he'll be fantastic at Arsenal.

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    I also hear that West Ham are interested in Ancelotti should Slaven Bilic get the sack.

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    As I said, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post

    it went quiet because you left my question unanswered mate!

    but yes, a good start to the season. very good even.

    I recall them also having a good start last season too. amazing what spending 300m can do
    When fullbacks are costing 50 plus million it's easy to spend 300 million. He has spent money on what he needed to turn his team into a Guardiola team and aren't we lucky to witness them playing every week. Can't say that about other top teams who's managers have also spent 100s of millions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    I just wonder why Mourinho isn't afforded this same level of understanding when people discuss his success at Chelsea. I have interpreted your veiled dig as being directed at him. why can't we say the same about other teams? what has guardiola done that is unique?

    Man United are level with Man City having scored only one goal fewer.

    to say we're "lucky" to witness them is sycophantic nonsense in the extreme ffs! we're seven games into a season and you're talking like they're football's Harlem Globetrotters!
    They're not quite at Barcelonas level but he is getting them close. And you can go on about mourinho results and his Madrid team outscoring Guardiolas barca but they were more pragmatic teams. His Madrid team were more exciting to watch than his Chelsea team but still alot less enjoyable than Guardiolas. And have you seen utd play this season. You can score 3 or four goals a game being a cautious team you just have to be good on the counter and clinical which united are alot of the time. I don't think city have played in a boring game this season but united have had a few. United have become a more attacking and better team than last year though with a slight change of style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    the first principle of a league system is to gain as many points as you can. the second principle is to score as many goals as you can. the third is probably to concede as few as you can.

    you can tell me Mourinho's team were more 'pragmatic' as much as you want but they were scoring more and even attained more points. this forces you into using arbitrary yardsticks to measure them with such as 'style'. you may enjoy countless crab passes all over the pitch but that isn't my idea of enjoyable football. which of us is right? neither, of course. it is subjective and carries no weight in rational discussion.

    talk of 'pragmatic' and 'boring' mean nothing to me. I'm interested in facts.

    Man City average just one more shot on target per game than Man United. they have scored just one more goal all season. Man United average slightly more shots than Man City at home but have fewer in away games.

    there is barely anything between them except for your perception. yet you're telling me we're lucky to witness this man city team and running down Mourinho's side.

    I get Mourinho is an abrasive twat but this continual running down of actual achievements of his is baffling. only Cristiano Ronaldo has it worse from people.
    You're right it is mostly the style I find more interesting. Not just the goals or shots on target but the nice build up play that almost creates a chance or just has the other team bamboozled. That doesn't really show in the stats. Also I have never run mourinho down for his incredible achievements just his philosophy and his annoying hypocritical complaints like stoke didn't come to play even though his teams have done the same in many big games

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    Guardiola is a weird guy and probably pretty limited as a manager but I think he's good for football and premier league. Last year they were the most entertaining team to watch even when they were shit. A bit pointless of course if they don't win anything but if that is the case he will get sacked in the end.

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    Limited? You're having a bubble? Surely?

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    Guardiola seems a (mostly) polite and assertive guy, but all managers go nuts when the decisions don't go their way.

    He will be a success at any club he manages, though pretty darn sure he will be a massive success for City, and win a lot of trophies.

    The only way that he leaves Man City will be if he gets bored and wants to try something a little less blue.
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