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Thread: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

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    4 wins in the last 15.
    56% win ratio.


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    Wrong team. Time to go to sleep i feel.

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    During the weekend Pep Guardiola turned into that moaning idiot Karl Pilkington from the Sky1 travel show.

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    so, another 78m spent so far this summer.

    his current net spend is 243m ffs.

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    another 50m on Kyle Walker ffs

    just shy of 300m down now. mind boggling sums on players who have huge questions marks over them.

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    Man City have now spent nearly 200 m on new players this summer alone.

    All there old full backs have now left and been replaced by a number of new ones.

    If Guardiola doesn't win either the PL or CL this season then he really will be a failure.

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    Is it really that much of a surprise?

    I said at the beginning of last season that Guardiola had inherited an ageing squad, most of which had already seen better days.

    City would have had to spend regardless of Guardiola being there and, let's not forget, whenever Man City come in for a player the value increases just because it's Man City.

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