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Thread: Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich/Ancelotti out

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    I'm sure if mourinho was at city he would spend the same to bring in a few players he likes. When mourinho first went to chelsea he bought a few players that in today's market would probably cost more than 168 million. And I was talking about mourinhos chelsea. Even so you can be defensive but very good on the counter and be clinical enough to take 3 of the 5 chances you create. Not saying that's what Madrid did but you can be a defensive team and outscore an attacking team in this way

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    Of course he would. the difference is that people would mug Mourinho off for spending such vast sums whereas Guardiola is given free reign to sling 160m around and still be hailed as a managerial genius when he gets success. how much did he spend at Bayern, out of interest?

    it doesn't matter what method you score, if you're outscoring a team in consecutive 30 odd game seasons then it must surely prove you to be a superior attacking team than the team who scores fewer. again, its a case of reality v perception.

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    However, 50 million of that was on Stones who, is shite isn't he?

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    I wouldn't mug mourinho off for his spending just his negative style while at chelsea. Scoring more doesn't mean your a better more attractive attacking team. It can just be that your more clinical in front of goal. Maybe that season barca had more chances than Madrid or half chances or the teams they played got more last ditch tackles in to stop a great attacking move.

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    can you really compare the style of a manager at Chelsea with a manager of Barcelona? the comparisons are instantly void because of the very obvious differences in each league.

    you can be more clinical or die your luck over a couple of games but when it is consistently spread out over two seasons you can only conclude that it is better by any definition.

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    Stones is the white Titus Bramble, yes.

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    The league had nothing to do with mourinhos chelsea being a negative team. He changed his style while at Madrid coz the fans wouldn't stand for defensive football. Just look at ancelotti at chelsea. They scored over a hundred goals with their more open style

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    Mourinho's first season at Chelsea was incredible. Fewest goals against in a Premier League season (15), most clean sheets kept in a season (25), most wins in a season (29), most consecutive away wins (9) and the most points in a season (95).

    only an idiot would whinge about the 'playing stye' when you're that dominant. incidentally they were the second highest scorers in the league in any case.

    he then retained the title (something very few have been able to do) by getting over 90 points again (also something few have ever been able to do even once) and finished joint top scorers of the league.

    third season he finished runners up and also second highest scorer.

    so for all his supposed negativity he was never outside the top two scorers in the division and won 2/3 titles he competed in with a points tally that is impressive in any season.

    surely if it is true that he changed his style then it must be considered another plus that he is able to adapt to his surroundings and still be successful utilising different styles.

    Many consider Guardiola's Barcelona to be the best team ever. Mourinho outscored him in both seasons and beat him to the title in one of the two seasons they faced off. if you're one of those that think Guardiola's Barcelona is the best, then Mourinho's achievement must be all the more impressive to you.

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    I never said mourinho was a bad manager. I just wasn't a fan of his chelsea team. And yes you can whinge about his playing style if your a neutral. I'm sure a few chelsea fans weren't over the moon about it and alot preferred ancelottis double winning team. And again scoring lots of goals doesn't automatically make you an attractive side to watch

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    Re: Pep Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich

    I'm pretty sure Chelsea fans adored Mourinho... And i don't recall hearing much negativity from the Stamford Bridge faithful when they were breaking records left right and centre.

    Guardiola is a great manager, but it is yet to be seen whether he is capable of transforming a club and turning them into champions. He inherited a great squad at Barcelona and at Bayern. He has now joined a club with infinite amounts of money. It will be interesting how the season pans out because there is a lot of competition this season in the premiership. I personally think it will be Mourinho v Pep for the title....but you cannot write off Chelsea either.

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