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Thread: Guardiola to leave Bayern Munich/Ancelotti out

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    During the weekend Pep Guardiola turned into that moaning idiot Karl Pilkington from the Sky1 travel show.

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    Man City have now spent nearly 200 m on new players this summer alone.

    All there old full backs have now left and been replaced by a number of new ones.

    If Guardiola doesn't win either the PL or CL this season then he really will be a failure.

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    Is it really that much of a surprise?

    I said at the beginning of last season that Guardiola had inherited an ageing squad, most of which had already seen better days and they haven't invested in full back for six seasons.

    City would have had to spend regardless of Guardiola being there and, let's not forget, whenever Man City come in for a player the value increases just because it's Man City.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post

    by any definition that is obscene. the league title with a Champions League semi has to be an absolute minimum. anything less and he deserves the boot.
    I agree with that. This season is where he'll be truly measured and a serious title challenge is a must for him.

    I expect he'll achieve that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    a title challenge isn't enough. only a win is acceptable. even then it must be coupled with a really good go at the Champions League. you simply can not spend that sort of money from the starting position they had when he arrived and consider anything less acceptable.

    If Wenger had spent that much money in a year you'd be demanding the league (after you'd recovered from the shock). Man City were arguably in a better position when he took over.
    No they were an old team in places and a few months older when he took over. Old dog new tricks an all that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    mate, he finished below Tottenham Hotspur ffs and only two points above Liverpool. he was also three points away from Europa League football.

    nobody would have dared predict such a shoddy season when Guardiola rocked up, regardless of the squad he inherited, and even less so after the money he spent in his first season.

    last season can be considered nothing other than a complete failure on his part. his first real challenge and he failed miserably.
    He finished below a spurs team who had a manager in place for a couple of years and above a Liverpool team who also did and no European football. Not great but not a complete failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    do you think those 9 extra matches that Guardiola had in 2016/17 were worth the 15 point deficit he had against fellow new boy Antonio Conte?

    Guardiola took over a team on 66 points, spent 165m, and produced a 12 point increase.

    Conte took over a team on 50 points, spent 51m, and produced a 43 point increase.

    obviously Chelsea were in a false position but even if we look at their debut seasons in isolation, Guardiola ended with an average of 2 points per game from his 56 matches whereas Conte ended with 2.43 points per game from his 47 matches (all comps obviously) - even if Conte had managed an additional 9 games and subsequently lost all nine of them he would still return a better PPG ratio than Guardiola.

    so whatever excuses you throw down, Guardiola comes up short.

    Didn't realise it was a 12 point increase.Even less of a failure than I thought. And yes Chelsea were in a false position plus no European football which is massive for picking up extra points. Chelsea did not impress in another of the big games last year. Even against city they were the poorer team but just managed to grind out results. Probably all that extra energy from no European football and younger legs in the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    but surely you also acknowledge that Man City were in a false position, having completely flatlined once it became public that Pellegrini was departing?

    Other than that final, fatal Pellegrini season, Man City hadn't finished on a points lower than that of Guardiola's season since 2010/11 - but even then they at least won the FA Cup.

    Chelsea finished on 93 points - only two points fewer than the Premier League record.

    the contrast is incredible.
    And Chelsea had no European football which is massive when it comes to not dropping points the weekend after. Anyway let's wait and see what happens this year now that both are in Europe and city have the younger squad that Chelsea had last year

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    I thought you believed no European football played a big part in a teams performance for the season Steely?

    There's no way you can compare the Chelsea side that Conte picked up to what Guardiola inherited, no way.

    Conte did a great job but took over the best squad of players in the league with no European football to worry about.

    Of course this plays a massive part when comparing what Guardiola took over from. A City team that was ageing plus that injury to that little Jesus fella right agent the meat part of the season.

    I'm not making excuses for Guardiola, he has none this season. But you can't measure him until the end of this season. I expect a different City side altogether...

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    I agree that Guardiola has the most pressure the coming season. But 300 isn't all that much anymore I suppose and City would probably have spent something like that no matter who was the manager. However if he doesn't make a serious challenge for PL and CL it will look a bit stupid.

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