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Thread: The Forum from here...

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    The Forum from here...

    Despite sending about 7 emails to Mr Hope the websites Content manager, there has been no more replys to my complaints regarding the ongoing problems with the forum.

    I think maybe we should seriously consider what to do from here. I've used other forums before, 1 other football one and other legal forums regarding parking fines.

    I can honestly say that this is by far the worse forum I have used or seen.

    Most people use their devices now to post up comments and if you do youll notice no end of problems on this site there is no way the forum can retain new members on here when other football forums operate so smoothly.

    Surely something has to be done now.

    Can we not pack up our bags and move to another site?

    I'm sure the other 4 active members of this forum would agree?

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    Re: The Forum from here...

    The last time i heard from head office was at the end of last year in December 2015.

    I also informed them that our members were having trouble using their devices to post on the forum
    and could they please look into it and was told this would be done and that someone would get back to me.

    There are also many other issues that need dealing with but the problem is there is a lack of finances to resolve them.
    I only use my laptop to run the board and don't usually have any problems but i understand your frustrations Pokers.

    I will see if i can get in touch with our chiefs at some point this month in January so bear with me for the time being.

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    Re: The Forum from here...

    Agreed, the forum is clunky, and it's a shame there are so few active posters these days. Having said that, I think the forum idea for football may be dying a death anyway, I occasionally post on 1FF, formerly a very well populated forum, but even that seems to have dwindling numbers last time I looked. I do like this forum though, my view is I'll stick with it as long as it's around.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: The Forum from here...

    I'm not sure it would cost a lot to make the necessary fixes on the Forum? I woukd do it for free if I had the power.

    Didn't J-Axe once setup his own forum? How difficult is it do I wonder and if anyone else had given it a go?

    Pickle might have a point about people using football forums a thing of the past? I wouldn't really know though because I don't use any other football forums anymore.

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    Re: The Forum from here...

    Pickles makes a good point that many people don't bother using football forums these days in the numbers that they once used to.
    Its much easier for folk to use Twitter or Facebook.
    I'ill continue to use this board as long as its still around and don't see myself going anywhere else unless its about the mighty West Ham.

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