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Thread: Hello Again

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    Hello Again

    Hey everyone been awhile since i was last on the forum.

    Looking forward to getting stuck in again.

    And a new username

    Should have stuck with torres99 prediction king.

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    Re: Hello Again

    Ahoy hoy Super Mario, you were before my time I think, but I'm sure you'll remember some of the old sweats like Steely, Specnur and Hams who are still active members. Welcome back to the thinking man's football forum.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Hello Again

    Welcome back Super Mario formerly torres 99.

    There are still a few of us old timers around who you will remember.

    Its not as busy here now as it once was but enough of us to still have a decent discussion when ever Liverpool lose!

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