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Thread: FA Cup-5th Round- 2015/16

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    Re: FA Cup-5th Round- 2015/16

    Quote Originally Posted by Zinc
    [troll]Most people recognise the last 10 years as a low period for Arsenal and the last 3 or 4 have seen many, including a lot of previously loyal fans turn against Wenger and the club as the promised new era where the money would flow like wine was entered and left us underwhelmed. This trough however has seen us become the most successful club in FA Cup history - so Arsenal at their nadir = a couple of FA Cups, Spurs & West Ham at their peak = nothing.

    Interesting when you think about it.[/troll]
    of course, that tongue in cheek observation would depend on whether you actually thought the period of the last 3-4 years has been the peak for either of those clubs mentioned. I think you could ask 1,000,000 people and not one would even attempt to make a case for that

    for my money, the last 3/4 years (this season excluded) have represented some of my lowest points supporting the club.

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    Re: FA Cup-5th Round- 2015/16

    As if this wasn't West Ham's peak

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    Re: FA Cup-5th Round- 2015/16

    Quote Originally Posted by Zinc
    As if this wasn't West Ham's peak

    well considering Bilic's West Ham actually beat Chelsea this season it would be a hard case to argue on your part ,

    I can't argue that the press conference wasn't a source of amusement though. the performance and result itself, because of the situation we were in at the time, was undeniably important.

    this, however, is 21st century West Ham United ,

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