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Yeah, congrats to City commiserations to Liverpool. It may be scant consolation to Liverpool fans but at least they took a very good side all the way, I remember watching my team get beat by Chelsea in the final last season, never really got going, so disappointing. Penalties suck, a horrible way to lose a final, I'd rather they brought back the "golden goal", remember that?
Yes, Japan/South Korea will always be in my memory because of that.

That was always the big dilemma for me for one-and-done games. Would I rather watch my team lose in a heartbreaker or do I want us just to be taken out comprehensively and just cut off any hope. Both stink, obviously, but I can't decide which is worse. This was pretty bad, but like I said, I came in with a 'just happy to be here' attitude, so it wasn't that big of an emotional blow (vs. had we won, it would have been massive celebrations).

My only basis of comparison (as my teams rarely make it very far in anything ) would be the Denver Broncos. We got crushed by Seattle in the Super Bowl 2 years ago, and the game was over after the first 5 minutes, essentially. I got over the loss pretty quickly. However, the year before, we lost in the semi-final on a last second hail mary from they other team. That one I still couldn't get over, and I only really got over it a couple of weeks ago when we won the Super Bowl