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Thread: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Thinking about this game, it is as big for Man United as it is for West Ham, it is their final chance to get a trophy and for LVG to save his increasingly tenuous hold on the reins at OT. The boy Fosu-Mensah had a good game in defence against us on Sunday, and it may not be coincidence that we broke the deadlock when he was subbed off injured, I'm thinking West Ham fans would like him to stay injured for this game (he is going to have a fitness test). I hope Rooney does play and gets nothing from the home team, as it will add further substance to the campaign to keep him away from the starting line ups during the Euros.
    The other note of encouragement for the home fans is that Man United really didn't create many chances against Spurs, this is by no means a classic United side. It could end up a draw and go to the dreaded penalties, but I'll say West Ham to win 2-1 in normal time.
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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    biggest game of both our seasons. my one hope is that this is a game NOT influenced in any way by the match officials.

    i'm confident. i'm excited. i'm anxious.
    what makes it so big? it's just a quaterfinal for Christ's sake, Steely

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Strangely flat first half, the game against Arsenal had more of a cup feel about it. Man Utd have done well to keep the likes of Payet and Lanzini quiet, and they have had the best chances of getting a goal. Bilic has to deliver a big half time talk!
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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Well the game got going second half, I guess Man United did enough to win it, but West Ham showed a lot of fight even if it was possibly too little too late. Great goal by Rashford, the boy looks talented, a diamond among a team of rhinestones. Pretty entertaining game overall, Man United have to be favourites to lift the cup now.
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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Not surprised at all, West Ham played their cup final against us and didn't have enough left in the tank, even Payet's desperate diving couldn't save the plucky Hammers.

    I'm gutted, I desperately don't want United to win the FA Cup.

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    i agree. the 1st half was a tad flat, Pickle. but then again, remember the 1st half at White Hart Lane.same stuff. the only difference Spurs were very slow at getting into the game while we pressed them hard the first minutes. they leveled out by 20 min. though.

    overall, enjoyable game. a game when you can't be ashamed that you lost out.

    can't blame Antonio for that mishap i think he's a great asset. in general, after getting to know the squad better i have reconsidered my words regarding Musa. our flanks are strong and swift as it is. as for Dumbia Emmenike is just about the same striker. what we need is somebody creative in the midfield to couple with Nobel.a playmaker type of Modric or Ozil. but this stuff is rare to be found, let alone get the hold of.

    disappointing though to slump out knowing who are in the semis. now i understand why Steely refered to this as the biggest game. had we beat MU the way to the trophey would of been paved.

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Wed 13/04/16
    West Ham United 1 - 2 Manchester United

    I'm very disappointed to go out the FA cup but i think Man Utd were the better team tonight.

    How many lives has LVG got? Once again when he is close to the sack the Red Devils pull out another result to save him!

    I also really hope that they don't win this trophy or finish in the top 4.

    No I'm not bitter!!

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    This game was always going to be a tough ask after the Arsenal game. We softened this West Ham up for United.
    Payet should have had a penalty from Blind though.

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    Quite a nervy ending. Once we had the second I thought it would be a walk in the park but they just kept pumping the ball in the box. De Gea was the hero once again - he is our player of the season with Rashford closely behind - which considering he has only played 11 matches is really saying something!.

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    Re: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2015/16

    all in all not a particularly good performance but, despite that, we would have gone into extra time had it not been for some absolutely world class goalkeeping.
    yes, those saves were splendid, but sometimes luck also factors in. Kouyate was just marginally off side whem he headed the ball in which would have bocome our equalizer. he should have scoored moments before though. he had as much as two attempts from point blank to do that for Christ's sake.

    i think you are being too harsh on Valencia. he wasn't that bad in all last three games that i have seen. though i look to you on this as you have seen the whole season and will have attended a few home games.

    all in all, i see Bilic has indeed been able to make up a tough team. what i like about it most is how we break into counters without keeping losing the ball. sometimes we are passing so fast that i wonder is this WHU at all? such a radical change.

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