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Thread: The Big EU Referendum/Politics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    I mean what makes you think that if politician has anti brexit views it means he's corrupt?
    sorry mate, no idea where you've got the impression I've said that from?

    there will be a range of reasons for anyone to be on either side of the fence. one of the reasons will be self interest via association with big business.

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    Oh. My bad then. I got the impression from your answer to Seamus that you felt only lobbying could get politicians to repeal brexit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    Maybe I've got it wrong but doesn't the Spanish constitution forbid referendums of this nature? wasn't that what Raul was saying? therefore 'legally binding' or not, if it is illegal then the State simply can not support it or in any way enable it.

    of course their behaviour was disgusting and the violence completely disproportionate but on the other hand turning a blind eye to mass illegality is the road to anarchy.
    Voting is illegal?. The most peaceful means of protest!. Is protesting illegal?!. Surely it is better than violent street protests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raul View Post
    There's no problem in doing a referendum here (as it happened in 2014) if it's not binding, however it's ilegal that you declare independence unilaterally, even more with just a 51% of votes for YES no matter the attendance of that referendum.
    I agree with this

    Quote Originally Posted by Raul View Post
    Again, violence is not the answer, but indepentism is based on victimism, demagogy and selfishness. They'll always make it look different than it really is.
    I disagree here, unless you are refereing solely to Catalonian Independence. The Independence of the Kurds is certainly a different situation entirely!.

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    I just meant catalan independentism, sorry. I know very few of other's independence, to be honest.

    I mean it for sentences like "we just want to vote" or "voting is legal". Well, yes, of course. Nobody's saying the contrary. But a referendum in which you unilaterally declare independence cannot be legal. Unless of course you follow the legal procedures to change constitution.
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    Catalexit is the new Brexit.

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    There will be NO Catalan independence.

    Spanish government have rightly taken control of the region.

    new elections will be held in December.

    Hopefully there won't be any violence

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    Sir Michael Fallon has had to resign as Defence Secretary after allegations of sexual harassment towards a female reporter some years ago. He has admitted that his behaviour does not meet the required standards. Strangely though he has not resigned as an MP. Clearly repeatedly touching a womans leg is considered to be unfit behaviour for a cabinet minister but perfectly fine for an MP.

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    How ridiculous has these allegations become. Still, if he feels the need to resign there must be a bit more to it.

    Soon though, it'll be impossible to flirt with a women without the fear of being branded accused of something.

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    Now a member of the shadow cabinet has had to resign (though again not as an MP!) and been suspended for some sexual harrassment claims that were know before he was given the job in the shadow cabinet!.

    2 more Tory MPs are under investigation aswell.

    Our honourable members.......

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