My new love in the footballing world. I started supporting them when I came up to live in the city three years ago. They won the league that year then had to go through a series of play-off games before finally being promoted to the 1st division.
They were in the 2nd division that year, which is regionalised so we only played teams in the north east of the country. It's a massive area of land though, so we were still travelling close to 1,500kms per round trip for some away games and the third closest team was 350kms away, not exactly a hive for local derbies.

Now we're in the 1st division for a second season with the promised land that is the Premier League just a division away. I can't go to as many away games as I'd like as it's just too far to travel. The distance from Chiang Mai to one team from the south of Thailand is the equivalent of travelling from Birmingham to Zagreb, and that's a long way.

This season is six games in and we've won four, lost two, so we're in the mix and are currently third. It's the Thai new year this week so there's a break from the league so that everyone can drink cheap whisky and get pissed for a week. I'm not sure when the next game is but be sure I'll bore you with all the details when it comes around..